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Welcome to MRRA's website and thank you for visiting us.  MRRA is a voluntary, community organisation, established in 1995.  The MRRA website is another way in which the Association can communicate with members and Macedon Ranges' residents on issues that affect them.  Current and previous items on this site can be accessed through the main menu bar (above).  Any problems?  Email us on mrra.sec999@gmail.com


2017:  New Councillors, and New CEO - At Last, Macedon Ranges Shire Is Heading in the Right Direction.  What A Year - Well Done!




Urgent Action Required: 

Submissions needed re State government "Smart Planning" changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions.  Submissions extended to 1 December.

The State government is breaking its promise to protect Macedon Ranges.



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Macedon Ranges Protection Advisory Committee & Legislation / Protection Processes

(1/12/14) Labor wins Lower House, pledging legislative protection for Macedon Ranges  

We will be holding you to delivering that.   


Pledge To Protect Macedon Ranges:    Days taken from 2014 election

Andrews' Labor government, 2014 :  "Inappropriate development risks destroying the area.  Labor will legislate to protect this iconic and historic region...We will use SPP No. 8 as the basis for legislative protection... Labor's plan for the Macedon Ranges will provide the highest level of protection possible against inappropriate development...  Under Labor, the beauty, heritage and unique characteristics of the Macedon Ranges will be protected for good."  



Days To Next Council Mayoral Election: (21/11/18) 361
Days To Next Council Election: (24/10/20) 1,084
Days To Next State Election: (24/11/18) 384

"Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, maybe we should control the population to ensure the survival of our environment."  Sir David Attenborough - The Life of Mammals

"Dissent is what rescues democracy from a quiet death behind closed doors"  Lewis Lapham

Council Meeting Dates  (18/6/17 - C)   July 2017 - June 2018  

How To Contact Your Politicians  Councillors and State govt. representatives  See also Links  Updated July 2016





Breaking News, Action Required  


Crisis In Macedon Ranges Shire:

15/9/16 VCAT 'Red Dot' Decision decision at Carlsruhe finds council employee is not a credible or reliable witness

2016 Community Satisfaction Survey Results Confirm Current Macedon Ranges Council Is A Failure

CEO's letter to MRRA / The Mayor's Relationship / Council's "PANTS ARE ON FIRE" / CEO has to go



UPDATE Urgent Action Required  State Government's "Smart Planning" Project Lurches Into Its Next Step In "Simplifying" Victoria's Planning System -  This Is A Comprehensive Dismantling Of The Planning System And Planning Schemes As We Know Them, With Further Changes To Come.   Time for Submissions Extended To FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER

(27/11/17 - P)  These and other State government changes this year make it impossible to protect Macedon Ranges, as the government promised   Red Alerts  Smart Planning File


CURRENT  Action Required  State Government's "Smart Planning" Project Lurches Into Its Next Step In "Simplifying" Victoria's Planning System

(31/10/17 - P)  When it's full of weasel words like 'streamline', 'review', 'simplify', 'rationalise', 'lower risk applications' and 'modern planning scheme', and it's talking about reducing permit and performance requirements - WATCH OUT!  And this next step - the review of the Victoria Planning Provisions (planning schemes) to make development approvals easier- is out for comment now.  Submissions close 24 November   Red Alerts  Smart Planning File


CURRENT State Level Changes To The Bushfire Management Overlay in State Amendment GC13

(31/10/17 - P)   Who's in, and who's out of the overlay is changed, and some new planning provisions are introduced   Red Alerts  Fire File


CURRENT Woo-hoo.  Stunning Outcome For 2017/2018 MRSC Budget.  What A Difference An Election Makes! 

(9/7/17 - C)  New Councillors put changed priorities, and new savings, on the table  Budget file


CURRENT 2017 Community Satisfaction Survey:  Well, Look At That.  The Community Is Saying There's A Problem With Population Growth In Macedon Ranges

(9/7/17 - C)   Plenty of work still to be done to lift satisfaction and standards, but the change of councillors already shows because this survey tells us the tide has at least stopped going out  Survey file


CURRENT MRRA Submission on Kyneton South Framework Plan

(9/7/17 - P)  This plan redefines the term "investigation"  Kyneton South Investigation File


CURRENT High Alert For Kyneton Area:  Is Kyneton Being Set Up To Double In Size?   Submissions close June 23

(19/6/17 - P)   It's outrageous, sneaky and unacceptable.  The “Draft Framework Plan – Kyneton South Investigation Area, May 2017”   takes growth for Kyneton way, waaay past what the Shire's Settlement Strategy says, and silently balloons the town's boundary out towards Malmsbury and north towards the airfield.  Haven't been told?  Not what you want for Kyneton?  Make a submission.  Kyneton South file  Red Alerts


CURRENT MRRA Submission To The 2017/18 Council Budget

(19/6/17 - C)   We've asked for a $3 million error to be corrected   Budget file  Red Alerts


CURRENT Outcome of Macedon Ranges 8 March Special Council Meeting For Rescission Motions 

(17/3/17 - C)  Cr. Jukes' rescission motion, to reverse Council's decision to withdraw support for Council's expired equine strategy, was defeated 8-1.  Cr. Mees' rescission motion to reverse approval of a 2 lot subdivision and 2 dwellings in Woodend, was carried   Council Performance file  Equine file  Red Alerts


CURRENT  22nd February 2017 Council Meeting:  Welcome To The World Of Changing Council Priorities

(6/3/17 - C)  Cr. Jukes lodges rescission motion against Council withdrawing formal support for the Equine Strategy - Special Council Meeting Wednesday 8 March, Gisborne, 6.00pm.  Councillor Performance File  Equine File   Red Alerts


CURRENT Decision To Allow Ed Sheeran Concert ON Hanging Rock Breaks Faith And Process, And Totally Disrespects The Rock

(25/2/17 - C)  Macedon Ranges Shire may have new councillors but this decision - apparently without approval from new councillors - shows the rot at Council still goes deep.  Council Performances file  Hanging Rock file 


CURRENT Application For 29 Dwellings (yes, 29) On 7,000 Sqm  In Calthorpe Street, Gisborne

(23/12/16 - P)  'Over-development' and 'out-of-character' have just reached new heights   222 Calthorpe St file  Red Alerts


CURRENT Ombudsman's Report Into Transparency In Local Government Shines A Light Where The Light Hasn't Been Shining

(23/12/16 - SG)  Findings confirm the Macedon Ranges' community wasn't just whinging when it said the previous council lacked transparency and accountability.  The ball-biter recommendation is that all council meetings should be (at least) audio recorded - including confidential meetings... and briefings!   Ho, ho, ho, ho ho.  Ombudsman File   Red Alerts


CURRENT Last Council Meeting Of The Term Shocks:  Mayor Says "What This Council Has Done, Can't Be Undone"

(27/10/16 - C)   It seemed a familiar enough pattern:  yet another house in the Farming zone; 75% of the agenda items approved "en bloc";  a councillor or two absent; self-congratulations; CEO and staff executive praised, community criticised.  Then came the pointers to where and what the rot is on council.  Councillor performance file


CURRENT Recent VCAT 'Red Dot' Decision About Existing Use Rights At Carlsruhe Reveals More Than Just Another Mistake At Council

(15/9/16 - C)  You will want to see this: Macedon Ranges Council employee found to not be a credible or reliable witness  Council/Councillor Performance file   Equine file  Red Alerts


CURRENT Council to go with Kyneton Airfield runway extension, despite now admitting it's not needed or planned for fire-fighting purposes

(23/8/16)  MRRA's submission on the Kyneton Airfield Masterplan  Kyneton airfield archive


 CURRENT Council In Denial About New Lows In Community Satisfaction With Its Performances, Blames Talk Of Rates-Capping.   Still Not Listening To The Community Then...

(19/7/16 - C)  Community loss of confidence in Council is confirmed in falls in overall council performance, overall council direction, advocacy, lobbying, making community decisions, consultation, planning, and how council is handling business and tourism.  Many 2016 satisfaction scores are the worst of this Council's term, and worse than the previous (2012) Council.  Time to throw out this failed Council, and our CEO.  Survey Archive file


CURRENT Council Meeting On 16 December Didn't Disappoint - So, So Many Reasons To Sack And Investigate A Council

( 21/12/15 - C)  Why are Macedon Ranges' residents still waiting for someone to take action?   16/12/25 Council Meeting Report  Council & Councillor Performances File 

CURRENT   Woodend Estates.  Woodend... What?!   Is This A Retirement Village - Or Just A Whopping 300 Unit Residential Development Come Resort In A Rural Zone?

(10/11/14 - P)  Brochure says "it will be like living on a cruise ship".  Yep, that description pretty much nails living on this floodplain.    Woodend Retirement Village     Red Alerts

CURRENT The Good "People Of The Town Of No" Set The Record Straight

(6/10/14 - P)   Residents know it should be the Town of KNOW, not NO, you know...   LPS file  C89  Council Performances  Red Alerts

UPDATE  The Macedon Ranges Shire's Mayor & Officer Relationship (aka The Mayor's Affair)

25/3/14 - C  Too close for ratepayers' comfort?   UPDATE (12/5/14 - C) : The CEO's letter to MRRA in response to this article  File  Red Alerts

CURRENT Independent Panel Report To Abandon Amendment C92 Overturned On Mayor's Vote

(31/3/14 - P)  'Favours for mates' amendment to go to Minister - four Councillors not only know better, they even speak for the CFA!   More...


ALERT   Who Is Behind The Massive Development Push At Woodend's Iconic Golf Course Hill?

(17/4/07 - P)  MRRA looks at who is behind Davies Hill Pty Ltd - the company selling land to Braemar and no doubt looking in future to rezone the current Farming zone to clear the way for massive residential development.  It turns out that Woodend local lawyer Mr. HEP (Chinka) Steel, and local development consultant Paul Tomkinson are major players...  More...   Click here to see MRRA's archive on Golf Course Hill






CURRENT (18/617)  Council Meeting Dates For July 2017 to June 2018  More...


ON-GOING Woodend Landcare

(21/8/12 - CC)  GET INVOLVED! EVERY THURSDAY!  More...






See 2014 Election Result:  Andrews Government pledges legislation based on Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 to protect Macedon Ranges "for good"

See 2010 Election Result: Baillieu Government gives Macedon Ranges State Level Protection (14/12/10)

See Say No To Suburbia Noticeboard

See also "Keep Macedon Ranges Rural" archive



CURRENT  A Big Step Forward By State Government Towards Protecting All Of The Macedon Ranges Shire, But...

(6/3/17 - SP)  Council gets to write the protection policy.  While our new group of councillors is much, much better than the previous group, the 'accelerated-growth-and-economic-development' obsessed administration hasn't changed...  Protection File    


Macedon Ranges Protection Advisory Committee Members:  Names and Bio

(20/1/16 - SP)   Committee make-up has a strong environmental flavour  Protection File   Click here for the full bio sheet.


Terms of Reference for Macedon Ranges Protection Advisory Panel Released

(8/1/16 - SP)   Another welcome step towards protection, but where is the government's priority for Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 to be the basis for legislation?  Labor Protection file

'Protecting Macedon Ranges' Community Forum, Gisborne:  Minister For Planning Impresses With Strong Commitment To Protect

(24/11/15 - SP)  Expert Panel to be appointed, community to have its say about legislation, what it values, and protection    Labor Protection file

State Government Is Holding A Community Forum In Macedon Ranges

(6/11/15 - SP)   It's a winner because (1) the Minister for Planning will be there, (2) it's about legislation to protect Macedon Ranges and (3) it's about community  Labor Protection file

CURRENT MRRA Reps Meet Minister For Planning, Richard Wynne

(27/4/15 - SP)  Minister says he can't say it any clearer:  Labor will legislate to protect this iconic and historic region.  We will use Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 as the basis for legislative protection.  That's what the government said it would do, and that's  what it will do.   Labor Protection file



"Inappropriate development risks destroying the area.  Labor will legislate to protect this iconic and historic region.”

"We will use SPP No. 8 as the basis for legislative protection."

"Labor's plan for the Macedon Ranges will provide the highest level of protection possible against inappropriate development."

"Under Labor, the beauty, heritage and unique characteristics of the Macedon Ranges will be protected for good."

We will be holding you to delivering that.


UPDATE  MRRA STICKERS:  "ENDANGERED: Protect Macedon Ranges" and "Macedon Ranges: State significance, STATE PROTECTION

(23/11/14)  You said slow growth, no suburbia, keep community feel, rotten council, endangered, protect: Keep Macedon Ranges Rural!    See the stickers    Note:  If you would like stickers, please let us know      

MRRA STICKERS:  "ENDANGERED: Protect Macedon Ranges" and "Macedon Ranges: State significance, STATE PROTECTION

(20/11/14)  Available in main towns between 10 am - 12 noon on Saturday 22nd   Details  See the stickers   What's wrong?  See the map

MRRA Stickers: Stand Up, Show You Care, And Get That Message Everywhere:   "Protect Macedon Ranges"

(11/11/14)  MRRA will be handing out stickers in the main towns over the weekend of 22 and 23 November  More

Minister for Planning Says State Government Will Not Protect Macedon Ranges Before The State Election, and Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 Is Out-of-date, Old-fashioned

(30/10/14 - SP)  MRRA:  If the government now thinks SPP8 is so out-of-date, so old-fashioned, it's the fault of the government which has had 4 years to fix it, and honour its election promise to put it in place as State policy.  Now it's a broken promise.   See LPS file report

Macedon Ranges Needs You! 

(14/10/14 - SP)  Get on board.  Write, email or send a carrier pigeon:  Tell politicians to protect Macedon Ranges with Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 as State Policy (LPS).  Macedon Ranges Needs You  SNTS Noticeboard

Council Puts Another Nail In Macedon Ranges' Coffin:  Its Rampant Rural Living Strategy Will Destroy Significant Landscapes, Clobber Gisborne

(25/10/14 - P)  Council quietly takes the next step in its economic development / equine / growth agenda:  a sea of houses instead of sweeping rural views to Mount Macedon as you enter the Shire from Melbourne. This couldn't happen if we had Statement of Planning Policy No 8 as State policy.    Rural Living File   LPS   SNTS Noticeboard

 Macedon Ranges' Last Defence Against Over-development Removed As Council Adopts Its Damaging Localised Planning Statement

(1/10/14 - P)   Outcome predictable, but Cr. Letchford 's derision of opposite community views went way past unacceptable   LPS 

MRRA Meets With Minister For Planning, Matthew Guy, June 22

(17/8/11 - SP)  Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 to be State policy by end of 2011 More...

CURRENT State Government Sets Up Peri Urban Planning Unit Within Department

(13/4/11- P)  First step towards making State Protection a reality for Macedon Ranges  More...

CURRENT  Council's Settlement Strategy: Submissions Extended Until End Of January 2011

(23/12/10 - P)  There's still time to tell them to do it again...  More...

CURRENT  Macedon Ranges' Settlement Strategy Out For Consultation Until December 17th

(14/11/10 - P)   Don't be fooled into thinking this is either about, or good for, Macedon Ranges.  And once again, all we are getting is over 477 pages of information, and crap consultation processes, just before Christmas.  Now that's usually a sign something's wrong... More...

CURRENT  'Committee For Melbourne' Thinks Macedon Ranges Is The Place For A Suburb

(14/11/10 - P)  CFM aspires to include Gisborne and Riddells Creek (and Macedon) into the Metro area  More...


Urban Growth Boundary Changes







Note: Access is available to Members through Members' Forum


CURRENT MRRA Submission to 2017/18 MRSC Budget  (19/6/17 - C)   We are asking for a $3 million error to be corrected  Link

MRRA Presentations to Panel Hearings (25/5/16)  Structure Plans and Protection Advisory Committee  Link

MRRA Submission (18/12/15)  Local Government Act Review  Local Government Act Review file

MRRA Turns 20 - Happy Anniversary!

MRRA Submission (13/7/15)  Hanging Rock Review  Hanging Rock file

MRRA Submission (28/4/15 - P)  Landscape Assessment Study: Round 2  Landscape file

MRRA Submission (16/3/15 - P)  Landscape Assessment Study: Round 1  Landscape file

MRRA Submission (12/12/14 - P)  Macedon Ranges' Shire's "In The Rural Living Zone"   Rural Living file

MRRA Submission On Metropolitan Strategy Discussion Paper (The New Melbourne 2030) (23/4/13-RA-P)  It's a big document with many parts, but it's a worry when how Macedon Ranges will be protected isn't clear at all, we are told we must 'move away from regulation', priority is given to economics, and there is to be a new process to 'facilitate' creative and innovative investment projects - even when it isn't allowed by a planning scheme Click here

MRRA Is Back (30/6/11)  MRRA website back after Distribute IT hacking attack  More...

MRRA Submission - President's VCAT Review Consultation Paper  (13/7/09 - P) Please, go back to planning, get the lawyers out of it, and start healing rock-bottom public confidence  More...

MRRA Submission On Environmental Regulations (30/5/09 - SG)  We say, think about tomorrow, not just today More...

MRRA Submission On New State Residential Zones (30/5/09 - P)  Association stands up for rural areas  More...







"From the Vision Splendid to The Vision Sullied"

(25/6/05 - SP) A suburban, industrialized future for Macedon Ranges, home of Australian icons, Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock  More...

The Urban Conversion:  'Victoria In Future' Growth Projections and The Hidden Agenda For A Suburban Macedon Ranges

(29/4/05 - SP)  If you've been wondering why the State government hasn't delivered its seven year old promise to protect Macedon Ranges Shire, wonder no more.  More...










Reminder From Planning Backlash

(2/4/09 - P)  Are you looking at www.marvellousmelbourne.orgMore....



Community Groups In The Spotlight


Bendigo and District Environment Council Inc (BDEC) (26/4/05 - CC) More...


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Getting Riddell Right (25/3/14 - CC)  More...


Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network (19/11/08 - CC) More...


Macedon Ranges Landscape Guardians & Victorian Landscape Guardians (7/8/05 - CCG) More...


Melbourne 2030 Portal (1/4/06 - CCG)  A Community Resource  More...


Planning Backlash (2/3/10 - CCG)  Planning Backlash is an "umbrella" for co-ordinated action by a wide range of groups across city, country and coast concerned with inappropriate planning in Victoria. www.marvellousmelbourne.org


Point Lonsdale Civic Association (10/3/06 - CCG) More...


Rural Residents' Rights Group, NT  (16/3/15 - CCG)   Another community group - this time in the Northern Territory - fighting for community rights and their environment. http://rrrg.org.au/


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Sustainable Population Australia (Victoria) [SPA] (12/9/06 - CCG)  SPA asks: Can Australia afford to just keep going on the growth spiral? More...


Victorian Coastal Alliance [VCA] (7/9/07 - CCG)  An alliance of community groups formed to protect Victoria's coastline. UPDATE 24/4/09 Latest Description and Objectives More...


Victorian Landscape Guardians (VLG) Give An Insight Into What They Stand For (3/7/06 - E)  "The landscape is a finite resource.  There is no more of it.   Things which are finite deserve our ultimate respect and we should do all in our power to protect them for future generations."   Randall Bell, President, Victorian Landscape Guardians. More...


Watershed (previously Your Water, Your Say) First Newsletter  (17/9/07 - CCG) Addresses processes (or lack of them) surrounding the proposed desalination plant on the Bass Coast  More...


Political comment on this website relating to elections is authorized by Louise Whitefield, Macedon Ranges Residents' Association Inc., 2 Dalrymple Road, Gisborne, 3437.