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Last Updated  18/3/19


UPDATE 18/3/19:   MRRA Submission on 2018 Macedon Ranges Draft Visitor Economy Strategy


CURRENT   MR Council's Controversial Draft Visitor Economy Strategy Is On Exhibition Over The Christmas Holidays.  Submissions by 11 February 2019.

(24/12/18 - C)  Oh no, not another one being exhibited over Christmas!  There’s always doubt about the intent of anything exhibited over Christmas, isn't there, and this is a good example of why.  


All residents are urged to take a look at this document.  It has its genesis in the last Council's constipated thinking that all things economic are not only good, not only take precedence over everything else, but are the only thing that matters.   The first attempt at this "Visitor Economy" document in 2017 was horrendous.  Brief inspection of this one suggests it's not good either and definitely hasn't caught on that tourism is identified as a potential threat to some of the Shire's "Declared Area" values in the State government’s ‘protection’ Declaration.  The perception that the visitor economy starts and finishes with the interests of some tourism operators lingers.  And after all this time, it's apparently still pushing for weddings on public land


This Shire needs very cautious, unbiased, carefully-considered tourism that complements rather than dominates and takes precedence over the Shire's sensitive environment.   With an intent to drive for another 1 million visitors (not far off doubling today's number) in the next 7 years, there's still a long way to go to get responsible, compatible tourism in the Shire.


Think about asking Councillors and William Raynor (of Council's Economic Development unit to allow another month of consultation (until March 11) on this one.


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MRRA Says:

 Not happy Jan that this document didn't come to Council for endorsement before it was put on exhibition.