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Melbourne 2030 Portal


The Melbourne 2030 Portal is a community resource with the following objectives:

  1. To promote and facilitate dialog among residents groups and community-action groups
  2. To coordinate activities of residents groups, and community-action groups
  3. To provide information and other resources to residents groups, and community-action groups

The Portal website is an active 'doorway' to and for information exchange.  It is a growing resource of information about Melbourne 2030 and how it affects residents, and also addresses related issues. 


Registered users* can access the site to post stories, upload documents related to 2030, post upcoming events, post to the forum, and comment on other stories.


Melbourne 2030 Portal is brought to you by:

The Terra Australis Organization for Appropriate Development  Inc.



P.O. Box 127,

Glenroy, Vic, 3046.






* Application for registration can be made through the Melbourne 2030 Portal website