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NEW Action Required   Kyneton Movement Network Study 2016 - 2019.  Submissions close 31 May 2019

(23/5/19 - C)   Let's call a spade a spade.  This dated Study is all (and only) about what's needed to implement the last Council's plan for accelerated growth: doubling Kyneton's population by building a new suburb south of the town.


The Kyneton Movement Network Study is not about improving how existing residents and traffic walk, park or get around the town.  Instead, it's overwhelmingly about the movement of vehicles - cars, trucks, cycles, buses, trains - and the new roads and bridges, and changes to existing roads and loss of existing parking, that would be needed to support creation of 2,100 new (greenfields) lots south of Kyneton. 


This Study has been prepared to support the last Council’s grandiose Kyneton South Framework growth plan.  That plan hasn't been approved yet, but endorsing this Study will lock Council (and ratepayers) into

a pie-in-the-sky, expensive and unnecessary accelerated growth agenda.


Only 13 of the Study's numerous "Actions" are costed (at $19 million), and almost all relate to the Kyneton South Framework Plan’s growth.  The three most monstrously expensive items (a new Campaspe River bridge, new Calder Freeway on-ramp, and removing Kyneton's heritage railway level crossing) are among the many “Actions” that aren’t costed in the Study.


Other “Actions” include proposals to move Lauriston Reservoir Road southwards, remove some parking on High and Mollison Streets, as well as removing parking and restricting property access on other existing residential roads, including Edgecombe Street south of High Street.  Other local roads are to be upgraded so they can carry more through traffic, but definitely don't expect Kyneton's current parking issues to be addressed or resolved.


To justify its “Actions”, the Study turns to the recent $20-million-and-counting Shared Trails Feasibility Study, a dated 2016 traffic count and 2014 Walking and Cycling Strategy, a 2009 report on commercial land requirements, the 2010 MRSC Movement Study, and even a 2006 Sydney bus study. 


Submissions close 31 May.  Don't hold your breath that anyone at Council will listen to anyone in the community, but put a submission in if you can.  More information and the Study itself is available from Council’s website.


MRRA Says:


So much 1950s thinking!  Reading through the Study invokes a sensation of being front and centre at the Mad Hatter's tea party.  It's appalling that anyone could think this Study is relevant, reliable, desirable, necessary or affordable.   Where do you start when there's so much wrong?  Garbage in, garbage out.