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'Settle Woodend' Group Holds Community Meeting On Woodend Structure Plan And Amendment C84

(23/4/13-RA-P)  Discussions about these documents and making submissions on them:  Monday 29 April

'Settle Woodend', a group of local Woodend residents, is holding a community meeting on Monday 29th April, 7.00pm, at the Victoria Hotel (upstairs).  The group says:

"Woodend is facing many challenges from suggested widespread property development inside and outside of the village boundary.  Now is the time to be informed and have input.  Join us at a community meeting to discuss processes that are shaping the future and direction of property development in Woodend."

Be there, or register your interest at


MRRA Says:

This meeting was arranged before the Woodend Structure Plan meeting on 18 April.  Obviously, the issues to discuss will have expanded!




Riddells Creek Supermarket:  'Getting Riddell Right' Becomes Getting Riddell Right Inc - Now An Incorporated Association

(23/4/13-RA-P)  Great stuff - community spirit everywhere and fundraising is underway as the vast Riddells Creek supermarket/shops development goes to VCAT 

'Getting Riddell Right Inc' is official.  At a public meeting held in Riddells Creek last Wednesday, the community came together to become members, fill committee spaces, make suggestions, get organised and get the fund-raising ball rolling.  The group's aim is to raise around $10,000 as a fighting fund for the VCAT case.  If you can help, or just want know more, click here for contact, email and website details.


MRRA Says:

Well done, and what enthusiasm!!  There's something so empowering for everyone when a community comes together with such passion and purpose.  Our contacts are also full of praise for Deb Dunn, who is helping GRR with the VCAT case. 


The supermarket proposal itself is enormous - more a 4 hectare outdoor MALL than supermarket - with a monster 2,800 square metre supermarket and 16 shops.  Just what Riddell needs - not.  If it all sounds like overkill, just remember that the person behind this extravagant proposal also gave Gisborne theAAMI Call Centre.  And what a disaster that still-almost-empty, 3 storey ugliness has been.  There's no way you can miss the towering building, but most of us are still looking for all those jobs it was going to create - you know, the hundreds of jobs that were used to justify approving it.  Anyone want to wager the same tired arguments won't be flowing for the supermarket thing? 


A quick look at the Riddells Creek supermarket proposal suggests the same tired over-development, over-riding of what the community values, and poor planning and development standards are also in play.  Yes, there will be plenty to work with at VCAT.


Working Bee at Gisborne's Daly Reserve 28 April

(23/4/13-RA-P)  Amazing environmental finds, and now the work starts to protect this important nature reserve 


News from the Friends of Daly Nature Reserve:


The flora and fauna study of UL Daly Nature Reserve has exceeded 100 indigenous species being identified so far. They are mostly plant species, but it also includes animals, birds, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, spiders, etc, and three spider-hunting wasps! It is expected for this number to rise and we hope to reach 200 species in the near future.


The Friends of Daly Nature Reserve will be part of the Jacksons Creek EcoNetwork, which is a network of Landcare and Friends Groups who care for the environment along Jacksons Creek and its tributaries.


After consultation with Michelle Patrick and Paul Gray from Macedon Ranges Shire Council, The Friends of Daly Nature Reserve group is very proud to announce that the first working bee will be held onSunday, 28th April 2013 from 10am to approximately 4pm (or any part thereof that people are able to be involved) and we will provide a bbq lunch in the Reserve.  Please bring sturdy shoes, gloves and a water bottle.


We have amazing remnant vegetation in UL Daly Nature Reserve. Emphasis for first working bee will be gorse, broom and pine seedlings (woody weeds). Removal of these weeds can enable the indigenous vegetation to flourish.


Get to know your neighbours by learning about the local flora and fauna together and have fun while looking after our beautiful UL Daly Nature Reserve.


Anyone interested in helping on the day is asked to RSVP for catering purposes to  or by phone to 0439 365 068.


Membership forms will be available on the day.  Annual membership fees will be set at $5 for adults, and $2 for juniors and students under 25 years old.


Thank you



Community Website - Romsey Magnolia - Raises Concerns About New Bendigo Bank Site

(23/10/11 - P)  Romsey residents concerned development application hasn't satisfactorily tackled the big issues 

An elegant new community website has been set up to give Romsey residents information and a chance to have a say about a large business development proposal next to the old National Bank building in Romsey.  There are concerns that the proposal isn't adequately addressing some significant issues. Click to check out the website, and learn more about the proposal, the contamination, and the potential damage to heritage trees in the Romsey town centre.


MRRA Says:

The Association has been asked to publicize the website and issue, and is pleased to provide support. 

We understand the Bendigo Bank is involved with this development application, along with Mr. Doug Newnham and Mr. Bill Jacobs (who designed the AAMI Call Centre in Gisborne).  Issues being raised by residents appear to have merit, in particular suspected extensive contamination of the development site, and the development's potential to damage and diminish significant trees which play a strong role in defining Romsey's character. 



CURRENT Action Required  Reminder From Planning Backlash

(2/4/09 - P)  Are you looking at


Planning Backlash says:


There are lots of interesting things going onto our website, thanks to our great webmaster.  The latest is another video by our very generous photographer Tony.  It features the Director of the Shrine talking about their fight with the Planning Department over a high rise development next to the Shrine forecourt. There is a Panel hearing this week and it is costing the Shrine a fortune for a barrister and expert witnesses.


Browse through the web and see all the videos now on it.  Also lots of other items of interest and info.  Be great if you could get into the habit of opening up the web and seeing what comes up.


If you are part of a community group and have a planning story that warrants a video on the website, please contact Mary Drost on 0401 834 899



We "Can Do Better" - Fascinating Political, Social, Environmental Website

(14/4/08 - O) Post your articles or your blogs.  This is an interactive website that encourages people to become active and express their views. Check it out at   More...


Is this site something you can relate to?  Could it be the site you've been looking for?  There's only one way to find out: check it out!


Here's some material from the site that gives you an idea of what it's about.


Mission Statement on


"To encourage ordinary people to engage themselves with the political processes that decide the fate of our society in order to help make the necessary difference that will allow our society to turn back from the brink of the looming global environmental catastrophe that threatens our survival."


Here's what the site says you can do:


"Prime Minister Michael":  Definitely A Man With Vision And Purpose

(3/10/06 - CC)  Young Michael won't be fobbed off getting his message across. Here's a delightful story sent in by a resident.  We thought Michael deserved some recognition... (Well done)


"Our 11 year old, Michael got the opportunity to meet John Howard last week in Gisborne.  At the end of the visit, Michael had a chance to ask why Australia had not signed the Kyoto protocol.  Mr. Howard replied with his standard ‘economy before environment’ speech, but didn’t pause to engage in any dialogue and abruptly left before Michael could give him the $20 he had taken from his pocket money so Mr. Howard could buy a ticket to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. 


Seeing the distress on Michael’s face, one of Mr. Howard’s staffers came over to see what the problem was.  Michael explained what he wanted to do and gave the money to the staffer.   Michael is now following up on his investment in his own future to see if Mr. Howard has seen the documentary!   I suggest Mr. Howard keep a keen eye on his job – Mike is now after it."