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Save Our Suburbs (VIC)


SOS inc. is a registered action group that has been formed to address a strong need to provide an opportunity for the residents of Melbourne to unite to pressure on Government to change planning laws so that they accord proper respect to neighbourhood character and responsible development. 


Save Our Suburbs Inc. is an incorporated body which has individual and group members. It is an umbrella group and has no sub-branches.


SOS provides a credible and responsible forum for the protection of our quality of living.


The Government, local Councils and the media recognize this and we have been able to achieve significant positive changes to counter inappropriate development (such as the interim structure plans and mandatory height controls first offered to councils late last year).


SOS is an umbrella group run entirely by volunteers to lobby councils and government to improve the operation of urban planning in Victoria. It was not established with either the intention or the resources to be able to directly assist individual cases in the same way that a local residents action group or Residents Association can.


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Organisation Details

Save Our Suburbs (Vic) Inc

ABN 18 034 986 748, ISSN 1440-6977 , A0036067S

Mail Address

Save Our Suburbs (Vic) Inc

P.O. Box 5042,

Melbourne VIC 3001



(03) 9513 9674  (phone messages only)



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