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In Features, we give some space to issues that deserve more than just a headline or paragraph.




WANTED! ON NOVEMBER 26, 2005: Councillors Who Will Work For Us!

(24/7/05 - C) Macedon Ranges: We've Got To Get Better Local Government Representatives and Representation  More…



"From the Vision Splendid to The Vision Sullied"

(25/6/05 - SP) A suburban, industrialized future for Macedon Ranges, home of Australian icons, Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock More…



The Urban Conversion:  'Victoria In Future' Growth Projections & The Hidden Agenda For A Suburban Macedon Ranges

(30/4/05 - SP) If you've been wondering why the State government hasn't delivered its seven year old promise to protect Macedon Ranges Shire, wonder no more.  More…



Council Elections November 26 2005:  So Much Will Have Changed Next Time You Vote

(26/4/05 - C) New ward names, ward boundaries and voting system.  You should know about these changes if you are going to make informed choices. More…