Posted 24/11/14


(23/11/14)  MRRA STICKERS:   

You said slow growth, no suburbia, keep community feel, rotten council, endangered, protect: Keep Macedon Ranges Rural!   

Handing out MRRA 'protect' stickers in the main towns last weekend reconfirmed there is strong community support for protecting Macedon Ranges from suburbanisation, over-development, and too much / too fast growth (which is seen as undermining the 'community feel' residents prize).  The call for protection comes from all main towns, and in the south and central areas the situation is seen as dire with most residents choosing the red "Endangered" stickers (or both).  An enormous 'thank you' to the amazing and enthusiastic group of people who volunteered to help with handing out, and to the many residents who thanked MRRA for what it does.  Love the Macedon Ranges community!   Note:  If you would like stickers, please let us know



(20/11/14)  MRRA STICkERS:  "ENDANGERED: Protect Macedon Ranges" and "Macedon Ranges: State significance, STATE PROTECTION"


available in main towns between 10am - 12 noon on Saturday morning, 22nd November  See the stickers   


Gisborne: vicinity of IGA supermarket

Kyneton:  vicinity of newsagent

Lancefield: near Farmers Market

Riddell:  vicinity of supermarket

Romsey: vicinity of supermarket

Woodend: vicinity of pedestrian crossing


See the stickers  


Stickers are free (although a gold coin donation could help make more J ).


(11/11/14)  MRRA Stickers: Stand Up, Show You Care, And Get That Message Everywhere:  "Protect Macedon Ranges"

   MRRA will be handing out stickers in the main towns over the weekend of 22 and 23 November   See the stickers  

Want to help?  Need stickers?  Let us know at


The State government hasn't delivered its promise to protect Macedon Ranges with Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 as State policy. 

But... Macedon Ranges deserves and desperately needs that protection with Policy No. 8, and a lot of people support that happening.  It's time to show how we feel.

Not going away, not going to be quiet, not giving up, not going to stop,

until Macedon Ranges is protected from suburbanisation and speculation (and Macedon Ranges Council).

MRRA will be asking candidates where they stand, and what they are going to do to ensure State level policy protection for Macedon Ranges.

Make sure you ask them too.


Here's the media release MRRA issued last week:


In 2009/2010, Macedon Ranges Residents’ Association gave Matthew Guy a 3,000 signature petition calling for the Macedon Ranges and Surrounds policy, Statement of Planning Policy No. 8, to be made State policy.  The resultant promise to protect Macedon Ranges with that policy as State policy hasn’t been delivered.


More recently over 6,000 people signed a petition calling for Hanging Rock to be protected, and a recent survey (1,100 respondents) confirmed the most important issues are keeping Macedon Ranges rural and protecting our environment.


Macedon Ranges Residents’ Association Secretary, Christine Pruneau,said, “We are in deep, deep trouble.  With the government’s broken promise, Macedon Ranges Council gets to decide what happens in Macedon Ranges, and our Council is dismantling our 40 year Macedon Ranges’ policy, and rewriting our planning scheme to make this place more like Melbourne.” 


“History shows that’s not what most people - residents and visitors – want.  They come here because it’s not Melbourne. It won’t stay that way without State policy protection.  If petitions and surveys aren’t enough, we must to say it louder, and keep saying it:  Protect Macedon Ranges with State policy.” 


The Residents’ Association has produced stickers that say ”Macedon Ranges: State significance, State Protection” and “Endangered: Protect Macedon Ranges”.  Look for volunteers with these (gold coin donation welcome) in the main towns on the weekend of 15 and 16 November. 


“Put them on car windows, bumper bars, your fence or your forehead – stand up, show you care and get that message everywhere.”