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Victorian Coastal Alliance [VCA]


VCA has a well-developed set of objectives that describe its purposes and aims:




In accordance with Local, State and Federal Policies and Legislation and in particular the Victorian Coastal Strategy our aim is to:


1. Act to protect the natural values of the coastal  plains, indigenous flora and fauna, estuaries, wetlands, lakes, indigenous middens and mounds and white settler heritage areas from inappropriate development.


2. Identify and cite those policies which are espoused by Government agencies to protect the natural values of our coastline.


3. Use these identified policies to alert Local, State and Federal Governments to the justified objections of communities who consider that inappropriate development proposals will adversely affect the existing topography and geography.


4. Involve local communities in educating Town Planners and Shire Councils about the detrimental consequences for biodiversity of mistaken planning decisions. Take responsibility for preventing the digging up of acid sulfate soil, building on flood plains, and delicate limestone cliffs, building levee banks, and unnecessarily enlarging ramp and jetty sizes, by enabling the  conservation of what is left of our planet for our descendants.


5. Promote the enacting of legislation which introduces the litigious effects of building in places where predictions about the effects of global warming such as storm surges and rising sea levels and flooding are known.


6. Reinforce, by lobbying appropriate State and Federal Governments, current legislation which promotes the idea of Coastal Spaces and prevents strip development on the Victorian Coastline.


7. Call for the cessation of building on the basis of inflated projected population figures.


Victorian Coastal Alliance  (Click here for more information)





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