Posted 25/5/16




From March until the beginning of May 2016, the Association made a series of presentations at recent planning-related hearings in relation to Structure Plan planning scheme Amendments C98 C99 C100 C103 C105 and C110 as well as a presentation to recent Macedon Ranges Protection Advisory Committee hearings. 


Please note that the documents below, including attachments, have been transferred to "ebook" (compressed) format to reduce their size, which has resulted in some loss of fidelity.



Amendment C98 (Woodend Structure Plan) 8 March, 2016

MRRA C98 Panel presentation

C98 Attachment 1 - MRRA Purposes

C98 Attachment 2 - "Rural and staying that way", Midland Express, November 2014

C98 Attachment 3 - MSS changes

C98 Attachment 4 - Neighbourhood character precinct changes

C98 Attachment 5 - DDO23 comparison with Structure Plan



Amendment C99 (Kyneton Structure Plan)  14 April, 2016

MRRA C99 Panel presentation

C99 Attachment 1 - MRRA Purposes

C99 Attachment 2 - Precinct maps 1-3

C99 Attachment 3A - Village West & East precincts

C99 Attachment 3B - Post World War 2 and Modern Residential precincts

C99 Attachment 3C - Large Lot precincts



Amendment C100 (Riddells Creek Structure Plan)  23 March, 2016

MRRA C100 Panel presentation

C100 Attachment 1 - MRRA Purposes

C100 Attachment 2 - "Rural and staying that way", Midland Express, November 2014

C100 Attachment 3 - Council resolution 18 December 2013

C100 Attachment 4 - Riddells Creek Maps

C100 Attachment 5A - Structure Plan DDO

C100 Attachment 5B - C100 DDO24



Amendment C103 (Former Kyneton pool site)  14 April, 2016

MRRA C103 Panel Presentation



Amendment C105 (Kyneton equine precinct Special Use Zone)  14 April, 2016

MRRA C105 Panel presentation



Amendment C110 (Rural Living)  26 April, 2016

MRRA C110 Panel presentation

C110 Attachment 1 - MRRA Purposes

C110 Attachment 2 - Gisborne maps

C110 Attachment 3 - Romsey maps

C110 Attachment 4 - Kyneton maps

C110 Attachment 5 - Equine Strategy (C84 Panel Report)



Macedon Ranges Protection Advisory Committee  6 May, 2016

MRRA Committee presentation