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CURRENT  MRRA Is Back  (30/6/11)


MRRA's website has been offline since 11 June 2011.  You may be aware of the recent disastrous hacker attack on DistributeIT's servers, where some 4,800 Australian websites were damaged beyond recovery.  On June 22, MRRA received confirmation that its website was among those lost.  Our email address also disappeared.


On June 23, Netregistry Group courageously took on the daunting task of helping DistributeIT clients recover from this disaster, and initiated programs to get clients back online again.  Fortunately MRRA had a full backup of its website, and with Netregistry's assistance, the site is again operational.


Please bear with us as we bed things down, and work towards updating the site soon.  We ask you to please note that previous links to the site (such as Favourites) will need to be refreshed, and contact made through our new email address:


A heartfelt "thank you" to Netregistry and its support personnel for their efforts on our behalf; to those wonderful people who immediately offered help; and to those who sent messages of sympathy and support.  Friends in need, indeed.  MRRA salutes you, and is enriched by your patience, generosity and kindness during this difficult time.


CURRENT  MRRA Submission On Environmental Regulations

(30/5/09 - SG)  We say, think about tomorrow, not just today

MRRA recently made a short submission to the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission on a Discussion Paper looking to reduce regulation relating to environmental issues.  Click here to see MRRA's submission.


CURRENT  MRRA Submission On New State Residential Zones

(30/5/09 - P)  Association stands up for rural areas

Last month MRRA made a submission on the draft State Residential zones.  The main thrust of our submission is that it's time rural areas got a fair deal in planning. There isn't enough (if any) recognition of issues confronting rural areas, even in residential zones. Rural areas usually end up taking planning policy and controls that have been prepared for metro Melbourne, often with dire consequences, as many Macedon Ranges' residents know to their cost. Bushfire also doesn't get much consideration, so we put that up as an issue needing far more attention as well.

Click here to see MRRA's submission (Part 2).  Note Part 1 was a summary of concerns.


2009 AGM Papers


Members can now access Nomination and Proxy Forms, as well as the AGM Agenda and the 2008 AGM minutes.  Go to Members' Forum to access these documents.


Latest MRRA Newsletter

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Latest Sustainable Population Australia Newsletter

(1/12/06 – M)  "Jobs, jobs, jobs, is the mantra of the Queensland government today.".. but "Queensland's Growth Is Irresponsible" says Simon Baltais  More…


Sustainable Population Australia [SPA] Newsletter, September 2006

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MRRA Goes 'National' !

(10/6/06 - P)  It's getting bigger all the time...

Macedon Ranges Residents' Association has linked with Save Our Suburbs in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast.  These groups in turn have posted MRRA's website on their links pages.  Save Our Suburbs has, and is forging, links with community groups across Australia who have concerns with the way growth, development, and planning are going and what it's doing to where we all live.

Click to find MRRA on SOS's Sydney site.


Likewise, go to MRRA's Home Page and Community Clipboard to find out more about and access websites for both of these groups.


MRRA Says:

We think that's a 'Welcome Aboard' all round!   We are not alone.


Happy First Birthday

(21/3/06 – M)   MRRA's website: a year on and going strong