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Brand New Planning Minister Unwell

(16/12/14 - P)   Richard Wynne in hospital after heart attack and surgery 

The news that the new Planning Minister Richard Wynne suffered a heart attack the second week in the job threw out shock waves.  News is that the Minister has had surgery and is doing well, but will be away from the job until at least February.  Meanwhile, Finance Minister Robin Scott has stepped up as Acting Planning Minister.


MRRA Says:

We wish Minister Wynne a speedy recovery.


Upper House Results From Recent Election Finally Available

(16/12/14 - SG)  Bit of a surprise too   

The Victorian Electoral Commission has finished counting for the Victorian Upper House.  The one of interest to Macedon Ranges is the Northern Victoria Region.  The results are as follows:


1 Liberal (Wendy Lovell)

1 National (Damian Drum)

2 ALP (Steven Herbert and Jaclyn Symes)

1 Shooters and Fishers Party (Daniel Young)


MRRA Says:

Congratulations to the winners.  Daniel Young is a local resident of the Romsey area.  MRRA didn't get a response from the Shooters and Fishers Party to its questions of where did parties and candidates stand on protecting Macedon Ranges, so we will be knocking on Mr. Young's door shortly.


Both Labor's Steven Herbert and Jaklyn Symes are new to the Upper House, and the Northern Victoria Region.


Another local resident, Amanda Millar (aka St. Amanda) who fought hard to stop Council's manic plans for Hanging Rock, did not get elected.  Many have commented to MRRA that Ms Millar provided a level of Upper House representation not previously known, but greatly appreciated, in the local area.  While welcoming Mr. Young and other new representatives, it does look like they will have big shoes to fill in terms of meeting the local community's expectations for local representation.


Mary-Anne Thomas (ALP): New Member For Macedon

(16/12/14 - SG)   Some surprises in results

You could say it's been all over bar the shouting because the result for the Lower House seat of Macedon was declared over a week ago.  Nevertheless it represented a successful transition for Labor, from long-serving member Joanne Duncan to Mary-Anne.  It's an election that saw the Greens Party do exceptionally well in the Macedon district, including winning the Taradale booth on (election day) primary votes (almost 30%) over both Liberal and Labor candidates.  Strong Greens results were also seen in Daylesford, Hepburn, Malmsbury and Woodend, amongst others (well over 20% of primary vote).  Liberal candidate Donna Petrovich won some 17 of  28 booths on primary vote, but only 11 of 28 booths after distribution of preferences.   The final count saw Labor prevail with 53+% of the vote.


MRRA Says:


Welcome to Mary-Anne, and congratulations. 


Now... let's work together to protect Macedon Ranges!  And with such a ghastly Council like the one we have in Macedon Ranges, that protection can't come a moment too soon.



Candidate responses to MRRA question: 

"Where do you stand on State policy protection for Macedon Ranges, and reinstating Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 as State policy?"

All parties / candidates have been contacted with a request for responses


(15/11/14)  Final 2014  Candidates / Parties(Macedon Ranges Shire), in ballot paper order


State Election:  Early Polling and Voting Centres (Polling Booths) In Macedon Electorate

(15/10/14 - SG)  Check where you can vote  2014 Voting Centres 


Timelines for 2014 State Election:  Important Dates

(23/9/14 - SG)  See when things begin to happen

These "Timelines" span electoral milestones from 8 November to 8 December, 2014 (includes information sessions, inspection of electoral rolls, close of nominations, when early voting starts and finishes).


MRRA Says:

A couple of critical dates are those for close of candidate nominations (13 November for political party candidates, 14 November others such as independents), and the start of early voting (seems to be 22 November but call the VEC for confirmation).  While you will probably have a lot of information about candidates from political parties (e.g. Liberal, Labor), the very short time between close of nominations and start of voting means you won't have much time to find out about the rest. 


MRRA will be preparing and publishing information about candidates in the Macedon electorate closer to the election.