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This is the ‘New & Current’ items and ‘Archived’ items access page for this website.



New and Current Items

This is an overview of new and current items from all sections of the website:


Red Alerts  Bulletin Board  Say No To Suburbia  Features  Events  Community Clipboard  MRRA



Directories and Archived Items

Click on the relevant classification (below) to view the Directory for each category.  This lists all items included in each category, and whether they are current, archived or deleted. Follow links to New & Current, headline archive, full archive and deleted files.


Note:  All items put on the MRRA website are given a classification code for archiving purposes.  Codes are included with the item's date.  For example, (24/9/05 - C) means the item will be placed in the Council archive; (24/9/05 - SP) identifies a 'state protection' item that will be placed in the Say NO To Suburbia archive.  These codes are shown in brackets, below.


Community Clipboard (CC)

Council (C)

Environment (E)


Other (O)

Planning (P)

Say NO To Suburbia (SP)

State Government (SG)



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