Posted 21/3/07

Contents and Archive File Formatting Changes



We've made some changes...


Deleted Items


Some files have been taken off the website.  Headlines for removed files are now shown in new 'Deleted' files.  Most of the removed files relate to one-off events or issues which no longer have any relevance (e.g. call for comments in 2005 on proposed changes to the Valuation of Land Act).   We haven't thrown those files away, so let us know if you would like access to them.


We have also unlinked similarly redundant attachments to some stories, so that the archived story remains but the links from it don't.  Again, we haven't thrown these away...


New Directories


We've created new 'Directory' files.  These are now the easiest way to see what's where on the website.  Directories have been created for each of the key categories by which we classify website items (Community, Council, Environment, MRRA, Other Issues, Planning, Say NO To Suburbia, and State Government).


Directories show the status of all items and files on the site (i.e. whether they are new, current, archived or deleted).  The new format has allowed a more detailed file listing and we've (hopefully) sorted files into more logical headings.


Headlines Archives


Main Headlines archives haven't changed other than the headlines have been sorted into the same headings and order as items in the new Directories.   An overview of items is now also included at the top of each Headlines page, with direct links to where that item is located in the page.


We have now deleted specific archives associated with Red Alerts, Bulletin Board and Events, and have instead linked those pages to Directory, Headlines Archive and Deleted pages.


New & Current


No changes here except items are now sorted under the same headings used in the Directories and Headlines Archives.  The New & Current page gives an overview of and links to new and current items across the website, whereas Directories show the the status of items for each key category.


New Links Between Directories and Archives


There are new links on Directory and Archive pages that allow you to more easily move around those areas.


Thank You


It wasn't long before we realised that the week we had committed to this task wouldn't be enough.  The painstaking detail involved in making changes consequently saw that week turn into a month.  During that time, the website has been pulled into tiny pieces, and has now hopefully been put back together again. 


There are some more (relatively minor) changes and some 'cleaning up' still to be done, and of course we now have to catch up on stories that should have appeared while the website was 'down'.  Watch for those shortly.


Thank you for your patience.


Tell Us What You Think


MRRA always likes getting feedback.


The changes we have made have involved extensive review of and alteration to hyperlinks and files.  While our web program tells us there aren't any unattached links or file problems, it's not infallible!   There are over 1000 files and almost 3,000 links on the website, so, if you encounter any problems, we would be indebted if you could let us know, so we can fix them - pronto!


We would also love to hear what you think of the changes we've made - good, bad and even ugly comments are welcome.


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