Posted 6/10/08  Updated 21/6/09


Keep Macedon Ranges RURAL

say NO to suburbia


The petition has now closed.  Thank you to the many people who signed it!




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Keep Macedon Ranges Rural Archive


What type of Macedon Ranges do we want Victorian and Australian children to inherit:  An industrial precinct? A high density, metropolitan landscape?  Units or high rise on Mt. Macedon?  Housing estates up to Hanging Rock?




Call to Macedon Ranges' residents and all Victorians


Please Sign The "Keep Macedon Ranges Rural" PETITION








Too beautiful to lose...

World Famous Hanging Rock - no more picnics?


"Protected from over-development, this Shire can provide far more pleasure to far more people than those few who would be served by unlimited development"


Do you live in Macedon Ranges Shire?


Have you visited Macedon Ranges and:

  • Tasted delicious 'home-grown' foods at our markets and events?
  • Strolled through our rural towns and villages?
  • Toured our wineries?
  • Climbed Hanging Rock?
  • Attended a dawn ANZAC Day service at the Mt. Macedon Memorial Cross?
  • Marvelled at the view from the Camel's Hump?
  • Been spellbound by our wildlife and native vegetation?
  • Come to play in the snow?
  • Been awestruck by the sheer beauty of our open rural landscapes, volcanic peaks and forested hills? 
  • Fallen in love with our 'village' heritage and rural character? 
  • Felt a deep connection with our ageless indigenous sites?












Mount Macedon - just prime real estate?



Then you don't need to be told how outstanding Macedon Ranges is.


There are many reasons for loving Macedon Ranges, and just as many reasons why its natural beauty and natural resources should be protected for future generations, so they can continue to share the wonder and pleasure we, and others before us, have experienced.


This place is simply too outstanding, too precious, too irreplaceable to become a suburban outpost of Melbourne.


If it can happen in a place which is this sensitive, it can happen anywhere.


Please Sign The "Keep Macedon Ranges Rural" PETITION


Here's why we need your help:


DPCD Orders Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 Taken Out Of Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme


Without Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 [the 'Macedon Ranges policy'], Macedon Ranges as we know and love it will cease to exist.

Without Statement of Planning Policy No. 8, Macedon Ranges is a suburb of Melbourne.



The Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development [DPCD] is trying to take our 'Macedon Ranges policy' away from us, without telling the people of Macedon Ranges they are doing it.


This policy, officially known as Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 - Macedon Ranges and Surrounds (1975) says that in Macedon Ranges, protecting our environment and rural character comes first.  It was introduced by the Hamer government in 1975, underpinned by legislation.  It was then downgraded to Local Policy, and now someone says it has to go.


The policy's purpose is to prevent over development and development that damages the important things so many people love about the Macedon Ranges.  Without this policy, Macedon Ranges will lose its identity as a special area of immense environmental sensitivity.  Metropolitan policy, standards and development will overwhelm this breathtakingly beautiful place.  There won't be a way of stopping it.


The "Macedon Ranges policy" has been in place for 35 years.  With our "Keep Macedon Ranges Rural" petition, we are saying to the Victorian Parliament: NO WAY!  The policy has to stay.


More than that, the petition calls for re-instatement of the 'Macedon Ranges policy' to State policy, where it once was and still belongs.


This is the last chance to turn things around for Macedon Ranges.

Once SPP8 is gone, itís gone forever.  The time to act is now.