Posted 6/10/08


What You Can Do To Help


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Anyone from Victoria can sign the Keep Macedon Ranges Rural petition:

Macedon Ranges is of State level environmental significance.  All Victorians have an interest in what happens here.



It's simple:  sign, and spread the word !


Sign the petition, online or hard copy (you can also leave a comment with the online petition)

Tell all your friends and family about what's happening here, and about the petition.

Download petition sheets and hand them around - pass them on to your friends and neighbours!  Put them in your local shop!

Send a link to the online petition and MRRA's website to all your email contacts, and ask them to send this along to their networks, and so on.

Tell your neighbours and ask them to sign the petition.  Ask if they can pass the message - and the petition - on.

Ask your local shops to put it on their counters.

Pass a petition sheet around at work, or on the way to work (for example, if you travel by train).

Call talk back radio, spread the word.

Have a party and ask everyone to sign.

Tell parents picking up/dropping off children at school

Take a petition sheet with you, wherever you go, just in case!

Write letters to local and Melbourne papers, telling people about the problem - and the petition.

Take a friend and collect signatures at the local shopping centre

Send comments to MRRA:

Send your thoughts to key politicians (click here for contact details).

Your local pollie/s is a good place to start but donít forget some of the other key players as well, such as the Premier, the Minister for Planning, the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Water.

Opposition Shadow ministers and the leaders of political parties would surely appreciate hearing from you as well.


Oops - Don't Forget!!!!
Please make sure to send signed petition sheets back to MRRA:  PO Box 359, Woodend, 3442, by 24 November, 2008we will let you know exactly when, but it won't be before the end of February 2009
Any questions, need some help?  613 5427 1481