Posted 6/10/08



A Word About the Hard Copy Petition Sheets


The petition sheets have spaces for signatures on the front, and the back, of them, so that twice the signatures can go on one piece of paper.


The petition text MUST appear on every petition sheet or the sheet will be rejected.


If printing double-sided copies to allow signatures on the front and the back, make really sure the petition text appears on the front.



A Word About the Online Petition


You can sign the online petition without having your name appear online.  Choose to display 'anonymous' before submitting your signature.  Your name will be recorded on the petition itself but will not show on the list of signatories on the GoPetition website.


Leave a comment:  tell us and everyone what you think.  There are already some fabulous comments, so keep them coming!



When will the petition go to parliament?


The aim is to have an MP present the petition to Parliament in the first week of December, 2008. 



Signed hard copy petition sheets should be posted back to Macedon Ranges Residents' Association Inc, PO Box 359, Woodend, 3442, by 24 November, 2008.


Thank you for everything you do!



Download A Petition Sheet