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Kyneton Structure Plan




NEW  MRRA Submission on Kyneton South Framework Plan

(9/7/17 - P)  This plan redefines the term "investigation"   Kyneton South Investigation File

Here's the link to MRRA's submission.




CURRENT Urgent Action Required   High Alert For Kyneton Area:  Is Kyneton Being Set Up To Double In Size?   Submissions close June 23

(19/6/17 - P)   It's outrageous, sneaky and unacceptable.  The “Draft Framework Plan – Kyneton South Investigation Area, May 2017”   takes growth for Kyneton way, waaay past what the Shire's Settlement Strategy says, and silently balloons the town's boundary out towards Malmsbury and north towards the airfield.  Haven't been told?  Not what you want for Kyneton?  Make a submission.


The Framework Plan is “investigating” Farming and Low Density Residential zoned land south of the river for new residential development - all the way to Pleasant Hill Road on the east and Springhill Road on the west - supposedly  to accommodate growth out to 2036.  There's 310 ha of land under "investigation", which is almost 45% of the area counted as Kyneton township in the 2011 census.  It's additional to the controversial 341 lot development plan south of the river approved without community consultation in 2015, and it's additional to Amendment C110's planned conversion of 265ha (mostly Farming zone) into 2ha lots.


Most of the Framework Plan's "investigation" area is outside the Kyneton town boundary.  That boundary changed last Thursday when the Minister for Planning approved Amendment C99. *  In C99, the previous council – without asking or telling residents – changed Kyneton’s town boundary, adding 35ha north of the industrial area, and rearranging the boundary in the south to – wait – better define Kyneton’s "outer suburbs”.  The Framework Plan shows a vastly expanded town boundary for Kyneton, which no-one has been told about, adding yet another 350ha of rural land inside the boundary, and additional to all of the above.   Click here for maps showing pre-C99 town boundary, the boundary approved in Amendment C99, and the Kyneton South Framework Plan's town boundary.


Together, C99 boundary changes, Amendment C110's 2 ha lots, the Kyneton South investigation area and the expanded Framework boundary pretty much double the size of Kyneton.  Who's driving it, and why, when the town has sufficient existing land to accommodate growth out to 2036?  Why are our rates being wasted on something that's not needed?


Make a submission by June 23 (doesn't have to be long) registering your concern/objection.  Tell the new council (all councillors, please) this has to be stopped.  This “Plan” has missed a step – it isn't asking if this is the Kyneton that residents want, it's planning for how accelerated growth will happen, and expanding the town boundary without telling anyone that's happening.  Ask the new Council to stop this Plan now, and instead stick with its already-adopted Settlement Strategy.  By the way, this doesn't just affect people near the investigation area - plans to divert traffic through Carlsruhe and hinterland areas around Kyneton affect people who don't even know it, and then there are the people who shop in Kyneton as well.


The “Draft Framework Plan – Kyneton South Investigation Area, May 2017”  has been out for comment for a while (submissions close June 23).  There's also a survey on council's website (which seems to be some sort of de facto census, asking strange questions like how much you earn, the language spoken at home), and a submission form prepared by Council (about which we have received some negative feedback).   Here's the link on Council's website:


*  Amendment C99 was approved by the Minister for Planning last Thursday, June 15 2017.  The amendment was intended to implement the Kyneton Structure Plan’s recommendations into the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme.


MRRA Says: 


Feeling suckered?  You should be.   There is no justification or need to investigate or rezone any more land in Kyneton, and definitely not on this scale.  The changed town boundary is a slippery deviation, slid in when it was thought no-one would be looking.  Maybe someone thought it worked with C99, let's try it again. 


There was apparently an Issues and Options Paper before the Framework Plan which seems to have been something done in-house, based on information provided by council and the State government.  Anyone out there remember the community being consulted on this? 


We strongly suggest you don't go along with council's survey or its submissions form.  Just write a page of comments saying what you want to say - not what council wants you to say.  Try to avoid falling into the trap of looking at the features of the plan - you only get those with this much growth:  the biggest issue is that this type of growth is happening at all.


The Kyneton South Framework Plan is a project started under the previous council, not the new one.  This is an accelerated growth agenda that has been characteristic of the current administration and the previous council, and not just in Kyneton.  For example, last Thursday approval of Amendment C100 gave Riddells Creek 250ha of new residential land when the Riddells Creek Structure Plan said around 50ha was needed in response to the Settlement Strategy population projections for that town. 


Here are some key points:


Here is some background information:



Council’s official population growth document, the Macedon Ranges Settlement Strategy 2011, says Kyneton could grow by 2,900 persons between 2006 and 2036 (or around 100 persons a year over 30 years), and this growth could be accommodated within the town without rezoning any additional land.   The 2011 census shows Kyneton township grew by 174 people between 2006 and 2011 (let's be generous and round that up to 40 per year). 


The Macedon Ranges Settlement Strategy used Study Areas that were bigger than the towns to count population, and included the towns and all Low Density and Rural Living zoned land around them.  The population in Table 1 below the Settlement Strategy's population and projections for the Kyneton Study Area which shows “Kyneton” with a population of 5,700 in 2006.  Based upon the growth assigned to Kyneton in the Settlement Strategy, Kyneton was projected to have a population of 8,600 in 2036, an increase of 2,900 people.  


The Settlement Strategy determined there was sufficient existing unconstrained land supply to accommodate 2036 growth without rezoning any new land.  This included some medium density development within 400 metres of the town centre i.e. High and Mollison Sts. 





Settlement Hierarchy

The Settlement Strategy established a hierarchy for all settlements in the Shire.   Kyneton was defined as a “District Town” (between 2,000 and 6,000 persons) in 2006, and was projected to grow to a “Large District Town” (6,000 to 10,000 persons) in 2036.  Although the town of Kyneton had 4,460 persons in 2011, council has used ABS Kyneton State Suburb population of 6,629 in 2011 (which includes part of Mount Alexander Shire), which mis-represents and inflates the town's population.  Based on this, Clause 21.13-2 in Amendment C99, now in the Macedon Ranges planning scheme, prematurely elevates Kyneton to “Large District Town” status in 2011.


Level of Growth In Kyneton

 The Settlement Strategy evaluated different growth options for Kyneton, including growth at the low growth rates historically experienced in Kyneton.  Between 2006 and 2011, the Urban Centre (town) of Kyneton itself grew from 4,286 to 4,460 persons, an additional 174 persons.  Although in the end the Settlement Strategy recommended a high growth scenario for Kyneton (i.e. 8,900 persons in 2036), it wasn't confident that rate of growth would occur, saying:



Growth Proposed Exceeds Sustainable Growth

The Kyneton South Investigation Area (along with Amendment C110 and the Framework Plan's expansion of the town boundary) is additional to, and will produce population growth in excess of, the Settlement Strategy growth projections for the town.   Settlement Strategy Executive Summary said:




 The Structure Plan affirmed the Settlement Strategy’s findings for population growth and no further land being required, but then made a recommendation that an investigation area (the same area now being investigated) be identified to ensure 15 year supply of land.    The Structure Plan set requirements for such future investigation, as below.  The key focus of the Kyneton South Framework Plan seems to have skipped over the basics of soils, environment, agriculture, landscapes, and leaps straight into what would be needed to support the growth proposed.


The Kyneton Structure Plan merely identified the Kyneton South area for future investigation.  Amendment C99 accelerated that and put timeframes for development on the investigation area, saying sufficient progress in investigations had occurred to do this.  When asked by MRRA to produce the investigations that had occurred, Council said the investigations had been done by landowners.






The Kyneton Structure Plan made no recommendations to change the township boundary.  Only in the Amendment C99 Explanatory Report did Council admit changing the town boundary in the south when not recommended by the Structure Plan.  The reason given was:


“The town boundary has been modified to include all existing residential zoned land as well as the low density residential and farm zone land west of Trentham Road proposed for low density redevelopment in the short term.  This provides a clear distinction between the town’s outer suburbs and the farming and rural living surrounds.”


The Kyneton South Framework Plan shows a vastly expanded Kyneton Township Boundary, which includes around an additional 350ha of mostly Farming Zone to the west of the Campaspe River.  Note that only about one-third of the Kyneton South Investigation Area is currently included in the town boundary.    Click here for maps