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Municipal Association of Victoria [MAV] Releases Local Government Cost Index

(22/5/10 - C)  More bad news - the gist seems to be 'expect higher rates' 

The MAV has issued a media release, announcing the availability of the latest Local Government Cost Index, which forecasts council costs will increase an average of 4% in the next year.  Click here to see the MAV's media release, and for a link to the Cost Index.


Municipal Association of Victoria [MAV] Seems To Have Turned The Corner

(30/5/09 - C)  Two rip-snorting media releases in one week 

After seeming to simply support the State government and dodge holding a different position, the MAV this week issued two media releases that indicate the organisation is back in it for Councils. Yay!  Click here to see latest media releases.


Municipal Association of Victoria President and Board Elections

(2/4/09 - C)  Results announced Friday 3 April.

Click here to see candidates.


MRRA Says:

In principle, having an MAV (and VLGA - Victorian Local Governance Association), is a good thing.  Concerns are that in recent years the MAV has earned something of a reputation for being too quick to back and implement the State government's agenda, with resultant loss of credibility as an independent body representing Councils' interests. 


With this election comes an opportunity to elect those who will adopt a more arm's length approach to issues, and a clearer focus on the real interests MAV purports to represent.  It would also be encouraging to see more top level representation on the Board by rural Councils rather than the usual metropolitan dominance. 



MAV Leads On Transition Towns, Forum 4 June

(7/5/09 - E)  How a community can transition to an energy lean, carbon constrained, and re-localised future that is abundant, sustainable, pleasurable, and resilient.

Click here for more information.  Click here to see an earlier story on Transition Towns on MRRA's website.



MAV Starts Work On Decimating Rural Zones?

(13/6/08 - P)  With its fingerprints all over the new residential zones - yes, the ones that take away residents' rights - the Municipal Association of Victoria seems to now be turning its attention to the Rural zones.  If it is, and this foray into zones goes as 'well' as the residential zones did (NOT), a disaster is in store for rural Victoria.  You can kiss rural land goodbye...


The MAV today issued a notice advising of sessions to be held on "Rural Zones - Planning for Rural Land Use and Development in a Changing Climate".  Invitees will include senior state government officers, rural planning experts, councils and consultants. 


The 'sessions' seem to be pre-empting (and making a mockery of?) outcomes from the current Land and Biodiversity in a time of Climate Change project, where the (Pale) Green Paper is presently out for consultation, with submissions closing on June 30th.  A White Paper is then to be produced.  However, with the MAV beavering away on changing the rural zones, it seems the final outcomes may be a foregone conclusion.


A key reason for concern is how the government sees its role in the (Pale) Green Paper, a description which gives a strong impression that it was written by an economist. It foreshadows major changes to how rural land will be utilized, with a blatant focus on 'innovation' and 'facilitation'  (and we all know what that means).  There's not much about leadership or saving the environment, just economics.


From the MAV notice, it sounds as if the MAV is coming at its 'review' of rural zones very much towing the government's line.


Click here to see the MAV notice.  Click here to see what the government thinks its role is in Land and Biodiversity in a time of Climate Change.  Click here to see MRRA's history of the Land and Biodiversity in a time of Climate Change project to date.


MRRA Says:

If the disastrous residential zones are anything to go by, there might not be any rural zones by the time the MAV finishes with them - well, at least not any that are about planning or environment.  If anyone has any information on what the MAV is doing, we are all ears.  Send us an email on