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Last Updated  21/6/09



Municipal Association of Victoria [MAV] Seems To Have Turned The Corner

(30/5/09 - C)  Two rip-snorting media releases in one week 

After seeming to simply support the State government and dodge holding a different position, the MAV this week issued two media releases that indicate the organisation is back in it for Councils. Yay!  Click here to see latest media releases.



Peak Oil And Climate Change "Transition Towns" - Do We Need Them In Oz?

(21/2/09 - E)  Councils in Britain (and people all over) are getting on board, should we? 

An organisation called Transition Towns, based in Britain but rapidly spreading outwards, is getting the message across at grass roots level that we can do something about the issues confronting us, and influence decision-makers in choosing the path that they take.  Click here for details.