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2008 Council Election - November 29





Macedon Ranges Shire Council Elections Result 2008


2008 Macedon Ranges Council Election:  Preference Distribution


Planning Backlash affiliates elected to Council in November 2008


Victorian Electoral Commission [VEC] Website



MRRA Candidate Star Ratings 2008 (7/11/08)



Council Election Noticeboard


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Noel Harvey Challenges Result In West Ward, First Informal Votes, Now Full Recount Of Votes (2/12/08)


Out-Going Mayor Tries To Snatch Macedon Ranges' Million For Kyneton Pool (25/11/08)


Local Government Victoria's Interpretation Of "Misleading and Deceptive" Suggests Loophole In Legislation (24/11/08)


Complaint Against MRRA Made To VEC (19/11/08)


MRRS Ltd, East Ward:  Is Morabito The Missing Man? (16/11/08)


Another Complaint To MRRA (14/11/08)


How Does Your Vote Count? (14/11/08)


Macedon Ranges' Council Election Preferences:  Where Candidates' Preferences Are Going (14/11/08)


Threats And Whines Come As MRRA Star Ratings Roll Out (14/11/08)


Local Government Ruling On Misleading Literature (14/11/08)


Ode To A Rural Macedon Ranges (14/11/08)


I Have A Dream (14/10/08)






MRRS Ltd "Fair Go" Team Spends More Advertizing Dollars, Thumps The Pulpit, Polishes Haloes, And Offers Written Guarantee (25/11/08)


MRRS Ltd 'Fair Go Independents' Clock Up Another $10,000 For 3 More Full Page, Full Colour Ads In Local Papers? (19/11/08)


MRRS Ltd, East Ward:  Is Morabito The Missing Man? (16/11/08)


The MRRS Ltd Circus Comes To Town (14/11/08)


Affiliate of MRRS Ltd Not Happy With MRRA (10/11/08)


MRRS Ltd Swamps South Ward  (3/11/08)



Council Candidates (3/11/08)

Key Election Dates (11/9/08)

Becoming A Candidate - What You Need To Know About Getting Started  (9/6/08)