Posted 3/9/06



Media release


From the Minister for Planning

Wednesday, 23 August 2006




Every Victorian should be concerned about the Liberal Party’s plans to abandon protection for green, open spaces, the Minister for Planning, Rob Hulls, said today.


“The Opposition Leader has shown his true colours and has put on record his party’s position on Melbourne’s green wedges,” Mr Hulls said.


“In his interview with The Leader (22 August), Ted Baillieu has admitted that green wedges would be ‘thrown out’ if the Opposition is elected in November,” Mr Hulls said.


“Put simply, the Liberal party would choke the lungs of Melbourne and ensure that there are no limits on sprawl.


“Why is the Opposition insisting on a brutal plan that will wreck the beauty of Mt Macedon, the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and the Dandenongs? Instead of preserving the green spaces that make these places special, a red light for green wedges means unbridled development.


“Unlike other cities, Melbourne still has, virtually on its own doorstep, productive farming land, magnificent untouched forests and reserves, and water catchments providing drinking water that is the envy of the world.  Green wedges help protect these priceless assets.


“The Opposition’s plan to concrete Melbourne’s green open spaces is cause for alarm for anyone concerned about the health of the environment, sustainable development and the health of our community.


“There is no disputing the fact that Melbourne will need to accommodate another million people by 2030, but the Liberal Party wants them to be living in suburbs stretching to the foothills of Mt Macedon without proper infrastructure or services.


“The Liberal’s policy is not a plan for all but a plan for sprawl and chaos. They want to tear up Melbourne 2030, but cannot articulate an alternative that will protect the quality of life that makes this a great city to live in.


“The Bracks Government has a plan to ensure our city can continue to grow and accommodate more people at a sustainable rate. Our future growth must not come at the cost of losing the lungs of the city,” Mr Hulls said.

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