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Alert From Sustainable Population Australia To Urban & Regional Population Forums

(17/9/09 - P)  Dept of Planning and Community Development is hosting forums across Victoria focussing on Victoria In Future population projections 


Below is the link to the relevant on page on the website of the Victorian Dept of Planning and Community Services which will tell you of the coming Urban and Regional forums - as described:


Department of Planning & Community Development is hosting a series of forums across Victoria during September, October and November to present the story behind the Victoria in Future numbers.


This is a DPCD in the community event, during each forum attendees will be given an opportunity to consider and discuss the implications of the population projections and provide any thoughts and comments.


For enquiries - contact


Nicola McCracken, Communications and Administration Officer
Department of Planning and Community Development
Telephone 9208 3699 Fax 9208 3335 (during business hours)
Email to



2008 Victoria In Future Projections Out - But Only For Metro Area At This Stage

(10/12/08 - SG)   Scary population increases projected for some Melbourne areas but we have to wait longer for Macedon Ranges info


Victoria in Future 2008 population projections are being progressively updated. The first release of Victoria in Future 2008 provides the following projections:

Other projections will follow:


All information is and will be published on the Department of Planning and Community Development website:  You can access the projections that have already been released from this website.


Some examples of projected population increases over the next 20 years include:


Municipality 2006 2026  
Cardinia: 58,599 147,828   +89,229
Casey 222,236 370,041 +147,805
Hume 153,729 250,942   +97,213
Melbourne 76,678 158,536   +81,858
Melton 80,911 198,091 +117,180
Whittlesea 129,525 247,854 +118,329
Wyndham 116,001 277,386 +161,385


MRRA Says:


We can hardly wait - not.  After the 2004 VIF it wouldn't be a surprise to find an additional squillion people slotted for Macedon Ranges.  It doesn't seem to matter that these figures are PROJECTIONS (based on what has been happening and uninfluenced by any change of policy), our experience is that developers and some surprising others tend to view achieving these population increases as mandatory.