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VCAT Says Yes To 102 Title Subdivision In Hazard Zone At Port Campbell

(11/12/09 - P)  "Another Cranbourne In The Making" 

VCAT has recently agreed to subdivision of a building (guesthouse) - on the Port Campbell Headland - that may never be built.  Click here for details.


New Cavern Found On Port Campbell Headland

(30/10/09 - P)  And still they want to build the Southern Ocean Beach House there... 

"The cavern is only a few meters from where the proposed Southern Ocean Beach House requires more Crown land to egress their buses. It also joins where the proposed development intends to excavate to approx 10 meters below natural ground level."  Read more...


Port Campbell Community Group Get Help To Fight Holiday Development On Headland

(29/8/09 - P)  Slater and Gordon Come on board... 

Click here to see media release.


Port Campbell - Another Cliff Falls Down

(21/6/09 - CC)  And still someone thinks the headland is the place for a guesthouse 

Click here to see the media release MRRA received from the Port Campbell Community Group Inc.


Port Campbell Community Group Inc. Asks "Please, Please  Help"

(30/5/09 - CC)  Can the Port Campbell headland be saved? 

The south-western coast of Victoria has shown itself over recent years to be fragile, as iconic parts of it have fallen into the sea.  Is more about to go?  The powers-that-be can't seem to see the danger in a 4 storey 'guesthouse' on a delicate sea cliff.  Years of inaction haven't stopped passionate campaigner Dr. Marion Manifold of the Port Campbell Community Group trying to make government see sense, but now she's asking if you can add your voice to calls for a rational response...  Click here for background information and politicians' contact details.  Please take just a little time to help if you can by sending a message to relevant politicians.


Port Campbell: Southern Ocean Beach House On Headland In Trouble As Corangamite Council Refuses Time Extension For Controversial Permit

(28/3/08 - P)  Council decides not enough had been done in the 2 years since the permit was approved, and the proposal did not meet new planning scheme requirements.

You may have heard of this one - a huge 4 storey 'beach house', restaurant, motel etc.; the takeover of public land along the Great Ocean Road; and claims that the development could cause the headland at Port Campbell to topple into the sea.  VCAT thought there was sufficient uncertainty over development impacts on the headland to order that a geotechnical study be done before any works occurred.  Two years on and the study hasn't been done, and that's one of the reasons why the Corangamite Council refused to give the developers any more time.  The other key reason was Amendment C13 to the Corangamite Planning Scheme.  C13 introduced a new Design and Development overlay to the land.  The new overlay requires development to deliver the Coastal Strategy, including generally single storey, low profile development.  The Beach House proposal, as originally approved, simply didn't fit the bill.  Click here to see a media release issued by the Port Campbell Community Group, who have been tirelessly fighting this development.



Port Campbell Protected?