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"Dead Of Night" Passing Of New Planning Act In NSW Sees Residents Lose Their Rights

(6/7/08 - C)  Is Victoria next?

It has happened in NSW, and is it about to happen in Victoria?  At the end of June 2008, the NSW parliament passed changes to that State's planning Act which will see NSW residents shut out of planning decisions. Victoria's equivalent Act (Planning and Environment) is currently being reviewed by the Victorian government.  Click here for more information about what's happened in NSW.


MRRA Says:

It's something to think about.  We are already seeing signs of an intent to stop residents from having any say in what happens next door and around them, because that's exactly what is proposed in the new Victorian Residential zones.  Is it likewise to become the law of the land in Victoria by removing the 'right to know' in the current Planning and Environment Act as part of this 'review'?  We will know by next year.  Of course, the year after that there's a State election...


"Sydney:  A World Class Planning Disaster"

(31/3/08 - P)  Sydneysiders begin to get organized

It may be a little late for Melburnians to make it but there will be a presentation tomorrow in Sydney (organised by Save Our Suburbs, NSW) by Randal O'Toole.  The presentation is titled "Sydney: A World Class Planning Disaster".  Click here for more information and the presentation notice.


As well, the Sydney Morning Herald is inviting its readers to register their views on whether Sydney has become too congested.  Click here for further details.


MRRA Says:


Are these the type of actions and questions Victorians should be picking up on?  Is Melbourne (becoming) a World Class Planning Disaster?  Is Melbourne becoming too congested?   MRRA thinks the answer to both is "yes".  What do you think? 

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Bad as it might be in Sydney, it would be a big mistake for Sydneysiders to think Victoria is paradise.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire - that's what MRRA would say to any Sydney 'refugees' who think they will get fairer, consultative, more transparent or less smelly/dictatorial planning decisions in Victoria. 


And need we remind them that Victoria has a Premier who has publicly stated he wants Melbourne to be bigger than Sydney?  Victoria may be starting from further back but just look at the wonderful job the Victorian government is doing to over-populate, congest, infrastructure-deprive and unwell-being the existing Victorian population. 


Hmm, perhaps the Victorian government's ideology is resurrecting that class of people known as Victorian refugees, not really seen since the Kennett days.  What's the betting that that renown backwater, Adelaide, will become the escape destination of choice?  


Did someone say backwater?  Ahhh. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it...


Save Our Suburbs (NSW) Talks Turkey About Sustainability And Planning

(24/2/08 - P)  This article may be focussed on Sydney, but there is definitely something in it for all of us

This is high class stuff.  We guarantee you will be surprised by what you read as some MAJOR myths, legends and porkies are blown out of the water.  Check it out by clicking on