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NSW Planning Minister Grabs Headlines:  Case Of 'Not In My Backyard'?

(9/7/06 - P)  Is there a little 'nimby' in all of us?

In an interesting 'boot on other foot' situation,  New South Wales' Planning Minister Frank Sartor was dubbed a nimby in a recent edition of the Daily Telegraph.  It seems the Minister's property adjoins one where a four storey high-rise development is proposed, and according to the Daily Telegraph, Mr. Sartor's wife is vigorously objecting to the proposal (whereas the Minister is distancing himself). Click here to see Telegraph article.


MRRA Says:

The person who sent this in posed the question, will there be one law for us peasants and another for our masters?  Not sure, but it certainly is heart-warming to know that when push comes to high-rise (or other bad) development, there isn't much between those vilified as nimbys, and those who patronisingly call them nimbys.  Do you get a sense that perhaps it just depends on whose backyard it is...