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"Hell To Pay - Cities In The Age Of Default And Revolt" by Brendan Gleeson

(24/9/06 - P)   Published in 2004, this paper pulls no punches about what could happen if we don't heed the warning signs.


Climate change, ailing debt economies, social unrest and environmental exhaustion aren't way off in the future, they are with us now.  "Hell To Pay" is full frontal in saying that we all must start to do things differently if we want a thriving economy, a healthy environment, social well-being.  It argues that if we don't change our attitudes so that economy, environment and community priorities are in better balance - if we don't start paying our environmental debts and living within our environmental means - we won't actually have much of a future, at least not one most of us would want. 


A more recent publication (July 2006), "Shocking the Suburbs: Urban Location, Housing Debt and Oil Vulnerability in the Australian City" is also available.  Both are from the Griffith University website (although neither seem to be available from that site any more - as at 28/7/08).   Click on the document names below to open a copy of the documents.


Hell To Pay 


Shocking The Suburbs (Mortgage Vulnerability)