Posted 8/8/10 


Brumby Government's Interim Response to Bushfire Royal Commission Recommendations


Recommendations without unqualified "Support In Principle"


Source: Premier John Brumby's media release 2 August 2010



The Brumby Government has said it supports most of the 65 recommendations in the Final Report, with only some 6 - 8 not immediately "supported in principle".


There are in fact 14 recommendations that are not given unqualified "support in principle":


6 are supported in principle but with a proviso... (1, 3, 5, 8, 32, 56)
8 require 'further consultation'  (4, 27, 40, 46, 48, 49, 53, 64)


Recommendation 5 is not included in full in the Premier's 2 August media release (see link above).  Omitted elements are included in the list below in (blue) italics.


Click here to see the State government's interim response to all 65 recommendations.



1. Support in principle, with further consultation to be undertaken around the issue of evacuation and shelters.

The State revise its bushfire safety policy. While adopting the national Prepare. Act. Survive. framework in Victoria, the policy should do the following:

3. Support in principle with further consultation regarding evacuation, shelters and a register.

The State establish mechanisms for helping municipal councils to undertake local planning that tailors bushfire safety options to the needs of individual communities. In doing this planning, councils should:

4. Further consultation.

The State introduce a comprehensive approach to shelter options that includes the following:

5. Support in principle, with further consultation to be undertaken around the issue of evacuation.

The State introduce a comprehensive approach to evacuation, so that this option is planned, considered and implemented when it is likely to offer a higher level of protection than other contingency options. The approach should:

8. Support in principle with consultation about implementation.

The Country Fire Authority and the Department of Sustainability and Environment amend their procedures to require the following:

27. Further consultation.

The State amend the Regulations under Victoria’s Electricity Safety Act 1998 and otherwise take such steps as may be required to give effect to the following:

32. Support in principle, with further consultation about reclosers.

The State (through Energy Safe Victoria) require distribution businesses to do the following:

40. Further consultation.

The Country Fire Authority amend its guidelines for assessing permit applications for dwellings, non-dwellings and subdivisions in the Bushfire-prone Overlay in order to accommodate the amendments to the Wildfire Management Overlay that are implemented as a result of recommendation 39 and make the guidelines available to municipal councils and the public. The revised guidelines should do the following:

46. Further consultation

The State develop and implement a retreat and resettlement strategy for existing developments in areas of unacceptably high bushfire risk, including a scheme for non-compulsory acquisition by the State of land in these areas.


48. Further consultation.

The Australian Building Codes Board do the following:

49. Further consultation

The State modify its adoption of the Building Code of Australia for the following purposes:

53. Further consultation.

The State amend s. 32 of the Sale of Land Act 1962 to require that a vendor’s statement include whether the land is in a designated Bushfire-prone Area, a statement about the standard (if any) to which the dwelling was constructed, the bushfire attack level assessment at the time of construction (where relevant) and a current bushfire attack level assessment of the site of the dwelling.


56. Support in principle, with further consultation regarding implementation and scale-up.

The State fund and commit to implementing a long-term program of prescribed burning based on an annual rolling target of 5 per cent minimum of public land.


64. Further consultation.

The State replace the Fire Services Levy with: