Posted 3/12/15


MRRA Turns 20


Happy 20th birthday, Macedon Ranges Residents’ Association !


The MRRA first formed in 1995, the same year the former Gisborne, Kyneton, Newham and Woodend, and Romsey Shires amalgamated into the new Shire of Macedon Ranges.


At that time, existing ratepayer groups amalgamated as well into a single, voluntary, community ‘watchdog’ group for the new Shire, named a ‘residents’ group to reflect the Association’s broader interests of governance, planning and environment. Incorporated in 1997, three Presidents - Peter Jackson, Neil Manning, and incumbent Brian Whitefield - have steered the ship since then.


Over the years, the Association has been active in many issues, adopting a ‘bigger picture’ perspective, challenging accountability, transparency and equity for residents, alerting and engaging with the community, being a shoulder to cry on, and taking local issues to higher levels of government. Some we have won, some we haven’t. Toes have been stepped on, and MRRA cops flack for it, but will never resile from what it does, because a healthy democracy needs light, informed participation and vigilance.


Over it all, the Association has spent 15 years pursuing reinstatement of State level protection. Reinstatement processes now underway make 2015 truly auspicious.


In 2009, the Association’s website (which celebrates its own 10th anniversary this year) was included in the National Library of Australia – a national treasure, no less, in perpetuity.


The Association is deeply indebted to its own members, and the many community members who have helped and supported the Association as well. Inspirational. Together, we have made some positive differences. We say ‘thank you’ to you all for all you do.


Now, it’s onwards to the next twenty years.