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Last Updated  25/3/14



Lancefield Park Community House 

(25/3/14 - C)  Or rather, former Community House

Add this to the growing list of examples of Macedon Ranges Council ignoring the community.   Late 2013.  Community wants to keep community house.  Council wants to demolish it.    Council says the house needed $60,000 of work.  Community says not so, and 60 of them protested at the house (some shutting their shops to attend).   Council remained deaf to community voices, and demolished the house. 



Wouldn't have anything to do with a land grab for housing, or some still secret economic development opportunity, would it?  The question is, did Council actually have ownership or any right to demolish the house?


There is some fiddling around going on with this land in proposed Amendment C74 where its aboriginal heritage overlay schedule entry seems to be deleted, and the former house site is instead added to the overlay over the Lancefield Park.  Council is asking the Minister for Planning to approve Amendment C74 without notice and without exhibition.  Hands up who guessed that means Council doesn't want anyone to know or have a say on the several mysterious things its doing in Amendment C74?  From what MRRA has seen of the proposed amendment, no wonder.