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Ratepayers' Victoria Inc Petition:  Don't Change The Planning And Environment Act

(20/11/10 - CC)  RV says changes that give developers and their consultants the right to rezone and run an amendment process is privatizing planning in Victoria.


Ratepayers' Victoria opposes changes the Brumby government proposes to make to the Planning and Environment Act.  Those changes are waiting in the wings until after the State election on November 27 because the current opposition parties in the Upper House wouldn't support them.  Here's what RV says:


"The Brumby Government Planning Minister has produced a draft Bill designed to implement changes to the Victorian Planning & Environment Act that will allow 'authorised persons' (developers and their consultants) to prepare planning scheme amendments, exhibit changes, and receive submissions. 


If this virtual privatisation of planning process is implemented, it will affect the authority of every Victorian council, including yours, and communities will no longer have a say in local planning matters.  Ask State election candidates what they intend to do about this, and in the meantime, please support the petition being circulated, and return by 3rd December 2010.


Ratepayers Victoria,

PO Box 1057,

Huntingdale, VIC, 3166

Fax 9579 7300"


Click here for a petition sheet.


MRRA Says:


Please sign this petition.  The changes our State government want to make to the Planning and Environment Act are devastating.  They dis-empower councils, tear away any pretence of YOU having rights or a say in what happens to where you live, and put all the power in the hands of developers and the Minister.  Accountability and transparency?  Haven't noticed any. 



Ratepayers' Victoria Inc Backs Rates' Increase Rage, Says "Angry Ratepayers Across Victoria Unite" And Wants To Know Your Concerns

(13/8/10 - C)  Boycott on paying rates for staff superannuation being investigated.

Ratepayers' Victoria Inc has issued a media release and figures for rates and rate increases in Victoria over the last 10 years in response to ratepayer anger at rate increases of up to 175% during that time. 


Click here to see RV's media release 1.


RV has prepared a table showing rate increases for most councils across the state, which really does highlight the problem some ratepayers have with their councils.


Ratepayers' Victoria is now calling for ratepayers to call or send emails of their concerns.  Click here for RV's media release 2


You can contact Ratepayers' Victoria by email Jack Davis on  or phone 03 9570 6227.

Declaration: MRRA is a member of Ratepayers' Victoria Inc.