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Supreme Court win for Brown Mountain (Grounds For an injunction stopping the Victorian government logging old growth forests), but the East Gippsland group now must find a huge amount of money.  They need help.

(17/9/09 - O)  How just is justice?


Read what Sheila Newman of Candobetter says:


Brown Mountain: What price justice?

Posted September 14th, 2009 by Sheila Newman


On Monday 14th September, the Victorian Supreme Court found grounds for an injunction to stop the Victorian Government from logging old-growth Brown Mountain forest. In an appalling trend, however, the court asked for the complainant to deposit a huge sum of money as an indemnity for VicForests before it applies the law. The complainant is the small but incredibly brave group of volunteers - Environment East Gippsland (EEG). EEG is all that stands between the reduction of Victoria's remaining old growth forest - our Eden - to below 8 %, heading towards zero.

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The Government should be defending our forests, yet we have to defend them against our rogue Victorian government.

Please dig deeply into your pockets for EEG and for justice and for Mother Nature.


Breaking news:


Judge Forrest: Brown Mountain injunction case in public interest

Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sheila Newman

More detail has come to light in the matter of costs that might be imposed on parties. It seems that the judge, whose name is actually Jack Forrest, recognises biodiversity preservation - which this injunction application is about - to be a matter of public interest, which would mean that the complainants are unlikely to be made to wear harsh costs. This is a development on this story, "Brown Mountain: What price justice?" where it seemed to me that the costs would be high for the complainants. That was probably an error. Let's hope for a very good result here.