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Call For Royal Commission Into The Disaster That Is Wonthaggi Desal Plant

(17/8/11 - CC)  Community people want independent scrutiny of - and answers about - how it happened 

Remember the community group Your Water, Your Say?  They led the fight against putting an under-researched and under-tested desal plant proposal at Wonthaggi.  Remember the way the Brumby government shut them down by taking them to court?  But they came back, as Watershed. Now the people, through Andrew Chapman, are asking for answers.  They have requested Premier Ted Baillieu set up a public inquiry, and that:


"Given the projectís significant social, economic and environmental impacts I ask that the Premier initiate a public inquiry with the sole purpose of determining just how the desalination plant was approved. The scale of the project is such that the approval process should be examined by no less than a Royal Commission."


Click here to see Mr. Chapman's letter.


MRRA Says:

The processes, as we know them, were abysmal and iron-fisted.  Like the bay dredging, the focus was on 'getting something'  rather than 'doing it properly'.  Well, that's not a process at all really, is it?  Along with damage to the environment and the dreadful way community people were treated, the plant itself is financially dysfunctional - a great white elephant around the neck of taxpayers for years to come.  There were many aspects of this proposal that would probably stand up as excellent examples of how NOT to operate as a government, and how NOT to deliver infrastructure.  Time to let it all out into the light, we say...


You Are Invited To A Whale Watch!

(15/7/10 - E)  Bass Coast Whale Watch is on 25 July at Williamsons Beach - help record sightings to get these magnificent creatures recognized

Bass Coast Whale Watch is an initiative of Watershed Victoria, formerly Your Water Your Say, a local community group who fought the Wonthaggi desal plant, and were sued by the State government for their trouble.  This time around, they are not happy that neither the State nor Federal governments recognize that area as important whale habitat, and so are recording sightings of whales in the area.  You can show your support for whales by going along and joining in. Click here for details and map directions (many thanks to Bev for sending these in) or go to details and give the organizers a call.


How The Victorian Desal Plant Was Approved By Federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett

(16/5/09 - E)  Minister gives details of assessment of impacts under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. 

His conclusion?  "In light of my findings, I concluded that the potential impacts of the action on wetlands of international importance and listed threatened species and communities are acceptable, if taken in accordance with the conditions of approval." 

(Page 26, Statement of Reasons (document dated 28 April, 2009)).

Click here to see the Minister's full Statement of Reasons.


Rally Against The Desal Plant

(24/4/09 - CC)  May 9th, Wonthaggi

Click here for details


Your Water Your Say Tells Desal Panel It Can't Participate With Threat Of Costs Hanging Over Its Head

(14/10/08 - CC)  State and Federal governments won't make their position clear  


Your Water, Your Say : First Newsletter

(17/9/07 - CCG)  Addresses processes (or lack of them) surrounding the proposed desalination plant on the Bass Coast  See also Stand In The Sand info   See Newsletter or go to


Your Water Your Say Action Group Launch The "Dumby" Award

(19/7/08 - E)   What can we say... except hats off to YWYS

Andrea Bolch of Your Water Your Say Action Group Inc has announced the group is launching a new award.


"Tomorrow at Newhaven on Phillip Island, Minister Jacinta Allen will be presented with the inaugural DUMBY AWARD as a representative of the Brumby Government that has shown courage to venture down to the Bass Coast.


Please refer to the "Award Certificate" for further details of this new and exciting award system that will no doubt be appreciated by its recipients."


Your Water Your Say Action Group Move Protest To "Safe" Distance, But Refuse To Go Away

(19/7/08 - E) YWYS will continue to protest the building of the largest desalination plant in Australia

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Desal Plant:  State Government Attempts To Evict Residents From Public Land

(16/7/08 - E)  Read why

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Rally Tomorrow (Wednesday 31 October) Desalination Plant At Wonthaggi

(30/10/07 - E)  Your Water Your Say says support proper process by supporting a community demand for an Environmental Effects Statement [EES] - be at Parliament steps 12 noon

Community action group, Your Water Your Say, is holding a rally on the steps of Melbourne's parliament house on Wednesday 31st October, starting at 12 noon.  The group says:  Water - Yes!    Desal - No!  The purpose of the rally is to show public support for an Environment Effects Statement to be prepared for the project.  Your Water Your Say fears the State government will bypass proper process and instead go ahead with the desalination plant without fully addressing economic, social and environmental issues, and without allowing the community to be party to have input.


Join the protest to demand the Minister for Planning say YES to an Environmental Effects Statement for the proposed desalination plant.


When: Wednesday 31st October, 12 noon

Where: Parliament House Steps, Spring Street Melbourne.

More info:

Buses will leave from Wonthaggi Council offices at 9:30am. Call Denise 0431 193 056 or Anne 0400 508 143


Are You Ready To 'Stand In The Sand'?  Be At Powlett River On October 7

(6/9/07 - E)  South Gippsland and Bass Coast residents call for support to oppose approval of a desalination plant without accountable consultation processes

The Your Water, Your Say group are organising a "Stand in the Sand" event on October 7 at Powlett River Beach.  They are asking that enough people get there to spell out a big message to Melbourne: "At What Cost".  If you want to be part of this or can help in some other way, Click here for more information.