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Southern Peninsula Rural Protection Group Inc.


The Southern Peninsula Rural Protection Group Incorporated is an active body seeking to preserve the unique character of the rural amenity of Main Ridge, Greens Bush and its surrounds and to prevent inappropriate development within the Green Wedge Zone.


For further information surrounding SPRPG Incorporated or to enquire as to how you can lend your support to prevent the degradation of our Green Wedge and preserve the unique character of the Mornington Peninsula, please contact us through:


Southern Peninsula Rural Protection Group Inc. #A0048227S


Major Issues


Eventual degradation of the Green Wedge Zone across Greater Melbourne, loss of rural amenity, constriction of precious wildlife corridors and loss of critical fauna environs.


Proposed development of Freemans Farm - Main Ridge.  A farm of three separate titles has been acquired for the purpose of developing a major luxury conference centre/resort with hotel style accommodation and luxury villas.  The whole development is in complete contravention of all local government guidelines and policy as well as contravening the Victorian Green Wedge Zone, only recently enacted by the State Government to preserve the character and unique beauty of our green belts and to protect such corridors from the ever encroaching suburban sprawl.



P.O. Box 463

Dromana, Victoria, 3936