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Central Victoria Fairwater




A group of people across Central Victoria has formed a movement to address our water concerns.


We have adopted the name ‘Fair Water’, and the motto:


Our Aim

To achieve a sustainable and equitable supply of water for the present and future users of water throughout the Campaspe Catchment.


Our Goals

The movement supports the goals of Murray Darling Basin Commission ‘Integrated Catchment Management 2001-2010’ statement.  They are:


Healthy Rivers

Providing water for environment, consumption, and recreation.

Healthy ecosystems and catchments

Maintaining or enhancing the integrity of soils, surface water and groundwater, flora and fauna.

Innovative, competitive and ecologically sustainable industries

Using natural resources within their capabilities, to generate wealth for social economic and environmental well-being.

Healthy regional communities

Managing the natural resources of the catchment in a way that is ecologically sustainable and supports a prosperous regional community.


Water is Australia’s biggest issue.  It affects every one of us.  Nowhere is that issue more important than in Central Victoria where years of drought have taken their toll on our water resources.  The planned development along the Calder Corridor is creating a regional water crisis.  Our already stretched water supplies are coming under intolerable strain.





Decentralisation Rescue

Decentralisation may be great in theory provided all factors are taken into account.  The Calder proposal ignores drought and climate change.  The Melbourne Cauldron may be boiling over but the Calder Corridor is a limited safety release.


Infrastructure Costs

The big questions with new infrastructure are 'who benefits, and who pays for it'?


Who pays for it?    You and me - through our taxes and rates.

Who benefits?   Developers.


If Bendigo, Woodend, Kyneton, Malmsbury and Castlemaine grow as expected we will need a lot more infrastructure for water and other services.





Serious Concerns

Our involvement with the Campaspe Catchment arises from many serious concerns which are becoming increasingly apparent.  They are:


The increasing evidence of climate change and its potential to impact detrimentally upon our standards of living.  The increasing frequency and severity of droughts are hitting the people on the land many of whom are so burdened by debt they are leaving or suffering a whole range of depressing conditions.  Sustaining irrigation with dwindling water resources is at crisis point.


The drive to grow major regional centres in the catchment without apparent consideration of available water resources. This can only lead to severe hardships for all who live in towns.  Sporting ovals, home gardens, are becoming drier and drier. Industry will face more and more limitations due to water shortages.  Bendigo, Kyneton, Woodend, Castlemaine, Malmsbury, Harcourt, Elmore, Rochester, and Heathcote all form part of the corridor marked for accelerated growth. Planners seem to be encouraging this growth push without considering our available water resources.  Speculators are part of the thirsty land boom but not part of the water solutions.  Our children will have the bill.


Our rivers and natural environment are suffering extreme water stress.  Mature trees are dying. Wildlife are suffering as habitat shrivels and shrinks.  Our soils are becoming more saline and acid.


The Murray Darling Commission was formed to counter all these problems and more.  It appears to have come to a halt for reasons which are unclear to us.  We support all their goals and objectives as most worthy and the main way out of our water crisis.  We seek to know more about the reasons for this slackening of their work and to use that knowledge to help in any way we can to fire up the process, and in the process to deliver water equity in the Campaspe Catchment.


Fair water for all.



Central Victoria Fairwater


Contact Postal Address:  P.O. Box 400, Mandurang, 3551.


Phone Contact:   5439 5099