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Last Updated 10/3/06


More Calls For Support From Collingwood Action Group Over Hulls' Banco Approval

(1/3/06 - CCE) Public Rally This Saturday

Collingwood Action Group has called yet again for support for a public rally against Minister Hulls' decision to approve the ginormous Banco development in Smith Street, Collingwood. Click here to see what CAG sent us, and click here to see their brochure.  Contact details for Collingwood Action Group are on both.


MRRA Says:

MRRA notes that Mr. Hulls' passion to protect and preserve the Yarra River doesn't seem to extend to protecting and preserving the City of Yarra.  If you can help by going along to the rally, please do.  We all need to stick together.  We particularly point you to the message to be sent to Minister Hulls on CAG's brochure: "The preservation of inner city neighbourhoods will be a major factor in my voting decision at the State election in November 2006."


Now, there's a thought.  With apologies to CAG, how does this sound?


"The provision or otherwise of protection for Macedon Ranges' State significance will be a major factor in my voting decision at the State election in November 2006."   And so say all of us! 

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Melbourne 2030 Strikes Again: Call For Support From Collingwood Residents

(25/2/06 - SP) Objectors plan 4th March meeting to send message to State government that 2030 outcomes aren't what the people want

Here's the message MRRA received (note: we are trying to get a contact number)


Collingwood has been really sold out.  This could happen to us all.  They are taking to the streets in protest and would appreciate any help.  It would be great if we could help each other, we will all eventually need help. Please send this around to your own members to enlist help for Collingwood.  They will be at 154 Smith Street at the Banco site on 4th March. at 1pm.  If you can spare an hour be there to help send a message to Hulls that this is not acceptable and no-one's listening.


MRRA Says:

Minister for Planning Hulls announced on February 15th that he has approved a 'scaled back' version of a redevelopment proposal.  Click here for the Minister's press release