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Last Updated  14/12/10


Blue Wedges Report In On Portsea Beach - Or What's Left Of It

(14/11/10 - CC)  Government's claims of 'no damage' dredging horrifyingly disproven by massive damage to beach and pier

Click here for report and graphic photos


Costs Order Against Blue Wedges A Bad Sign For Democracy, Say Greens

(16/7/08 - SG)  "The community is not the enemy and the government would do better listening to what people have to say rather than silencing critics."

The Greens' Sue Pennicuik today issued a media release criticizing the State Government and the Port Of Melbourne Authority for pursuing the Blue Wedges community group over court costs.  This is seen as closing down democracy and shutting the community out of major decisions.

Click here to see the release.


D Day Call For Assistance From Blue Wedges

(1/5/08 - SG)  Can you please put in a submission to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration by May 7?

Blue Wedges are working like heck to get as many people as possible to say think again, and think about the consequences of dredging the bay.  They've made it easy for people to put in a submission.  Click here to find out more.