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Call For Community Support To Save Forests Near Healesville Sanctuary

(19/8/11 - E)  Can you send a message to the Premier?


Here's the request for help:


"Now, on to matters of NIMBY-ism, only this time it IS in your backyard.  VicForests are logging the wonderful forests out back of Healsville Sanctuary, surely the playground of Melbourne, as well as one of the lobes of the lungs of Melbourne.


There is a massive issue just behind you (see below).  As usual it is hard to get these matters in the media, although there was some coverage on the ABC News.  So, it is back to word of mouth.


If, when you read the information below about the tremendous destruction of our greatest carbon sinks for no profit whatsoever in the most cleared State in the Commonwealth, and you want to do something simple about it, then please phone Ted Baillieuís office on  9882 4088 and leave a simple message.  If you have time to follow this up with an email then so much the better:


Two simple actions that could help win this very long fight to get woodchipping out of our native forests. 


Convenor, Bushlinks (Bendigo)"


MRRA Says:

If you feel you can help impress government that this is an important issue, affecting our environment and future generations, please do.