Posted 14/10/08


Edinburgh Gardens, Clifton Hill, Under Threat


The 3068 Group will hold a stall this Saturday, November 11th on Queens Parade, from 10am near the corner of Michael Street.

We will be displaying information about the threat to the Edinburgh Gardens from a proposal to build a large multi-purpose multi-level

building in Edinburgh Gardens near the Maternal & Child Care Centre. The plan is to relocate local community service providers into the one large building.

Learn about the latest threat to the gardens by visiting the stall or visiting our new web site at:

Make your voice heard by signing the petition at the stall.  Blank petition forms can also be downloaded from the web site.

It is crucial to email councillors before they vote on October 21. You can easily create an email addressed to all councillors directly from our web site.

Please consider attending the Council meeting on Tuesday 21 October, from 7:30pm when the future of the gardens will be debated in one of

the last acts of the Council before the election.


Chris Goodman

President, The 3068 Group

PO BOX 118 Clifton Hill