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Christmas Carnival

Lancefield Fair

Lancefield Show


Rod Quantock



Billie Jean Bubs

Flogging Dead Horses

Twenty arguments against any proposal

Why Help Never Arrived - Bush



A Cry From The Heart (USA)

Activate Festival




Federal Election 2010

Federal Election 2007

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Politics - Newstand



Public Interest

Credit Card Fraud


Defamation Laws Changed (Victoria)


Local Press

Macedon Ranges' Animal Aid

Are you going to finish strong?




Business: Expo

The Cold Winds Of Economic Recession:  "They're Shutting Detroit Down" (Youtube Video) (24/4/09 - O)  Featuring Mickey Rourke and Kris Kristofferson

9 The Expo In Gisborne 22 & 23 November (19/11/08 - O)  First year for this event



Events:  Lancefield

Lancefield Show  Sunday 21 October (17/10/12 - O)  A great family day out!

Mt. William Wurundjeri Green Stone Axe Quarry Tours  (17/10/12 - E)  Three tours, 21 October, but you MUST book in advance

Lancefield Show and Mt William Wurundjeri Stone Axe Quarry Tours (10/10/09 - O)  All paths lead to Lancefield on Sunday October 18!

Mt. William Wurundjeri Stone Axe Quarry Tours Are On Again, Lancefield Show Day Oct 19 (6/10/08 - E)   Four tours on the day, but don't waste any time booking.  Tours were sold out last year...

Totally Fabulous Lancefield Show Is Coming:  Sunday October 19th (6/10/08 - E)   Ah, Lancefield: beautiful, active, fun.  Drop everything and get to The Show.

Lancefield Christmas Carnival Is On Again On Saturday December 15, 6:00pm (9/12/07 - O)  Just go to lovely Lancefield and celebrate.  MRRA will be there.

Lancefield Show October 21 (15/10/07 - O)  Show program & Mt. William Wurundjeri Stone Axe Quarry Tours - it's shaping up to be excellent.  Be local, be there.

Lancefield Agricultural Show Is On Again On October 21 - And You Can Be Part Of It! (28/8/07 - O)  Help make this local show the best yet in 2007 - you can give your support by exhibiting or visiting

Lancefield Christmas Carnival Set To Delight Again On December 16 (10/12/06 - O)  Great action program has something for kids and adults too...

Are You Going To Lancefield Fair? (14/10/06)  Great family fun!  Here's the program.

Would Your Group Like To Be A Part Of Lancefield Fair? (24/9/06 - O)  A fun opportunity for community and other groups to put themselves on show

Lancefield Fair:  Help Plan This Marvellous Macedon Ranges' Event (28/8/06 - O)  Be part of this great community initiative - strategy meeting on August 31, Lancefield Neighbourhood House

Lancefield Christmas Carnival 16th December (3/12/05 - CC)  Get along to this fun local event - MRRA will be there


Events:  Rod Quantock

Rod Quantock In Best Form Again (22/5/10 - O)  "The People We Should Eat First, And How To Cook Them" - Until April 16 

Rod Quantock "Bugger The Polar Bears, This Is Serious" Show 22 & 29 November (19/11/09 - E)  Plus Friends of the Earth walk to highlight sea level changes in Port Phillip Bay November 21 & 22.

Rod Quantock Celebrates... (10/8/08 - O)  "First Man Standing", on at the Trades Hall until 6 September

Rod Quantock's New One-Man Show "Court In The Act" Is Now Playing (17/2/07 - CC)  The audience (that's YOU) becomes the cast...

Rod Quantock To Host Climate Change Debate August 5th In Macedon (21/7/06 - E) "Is it better to drive to a climate change rally or stay home and grow vegies?"


Events:  Other

Your Chance To Help WOODEND AND Lancefield  Farmers' Market (14/11/11 - E)  First ever market in Woodend. Pitch in, get involved!  NB Correction to dates in this version...

Renown Malmsbury Fayre Launches Sunday 21 November  (20/11/10 - O)  Never to be missed, this is one of the year's highlights

'Ye Olde' Malmsbury Fayre Cabaret and Malmsbury Fayre 14 & 15 November (30/10/09 - O)  Where else but... Malmsbury

2009 Lorient Celtic Festival: Tour Of Celtic Brittany (10/8/08 - O)  30 July - 15 August 2009,  itinerary, booking form & tour notice



"Billie Jean" Bubs Skate Into Pop Culture (13/7/09 - O)  Cool kids take the world by storm

Twenty Arguments Against Any Proposal - With Notes and Counter-Arguments (21/10/06 - E)  A bit of fun, some of these will sound familiar, particularly for anyone who attends Council meetings!  Archive

The "Flogging Dead Horses" Philosophy (30/5/06 - O)  Sound familiar?   Archive

Why Help Never Arrived  Archive


Open Gardens



An American's Cry From The Heart... For All Humanity (14/10/06 - O)  "Wake up America!  You Sleep Under The Bushes and They Are Burning Us All"  Archive

Interested In Learning More About Our Democracy? (17/2/07 - O)  You can support a proposal for an Activate Festival...  Archive


Politics:  Avaaz

Avaaz Says The Climate Mobilization "Wake Up Call" Was Unbelievable (10/10/09 - O)  Watch the world's reaction - video

It's Now Or Never For Climate Change (29/8/09 - O)  Avaaz asks, tell us if climate should be No. 1 priority.

AVAAZ Asks For Help (24/4/09 - O)  Stop corporate spin!

Action Required  Avaaz Asks You To Send A Message To G20 (2/4/09 - O)  Call for economic 'solutions' to consider impacts on poorer nations

Avaaz Says:  "Make Zimbabwe's Votes Count"  (14/4/08 - O)   On-line petition calling for democracy to be upheld


Politics:  CanDoBetter

CanDoBetter (13/11/11 - O)  Climate change, immigration, population growth, media reform - see what people are saying.

CanDoBetter Calls For A Campaign On Introducing Switzerland's "Direct Democracy" In Australia  (17/8/11 - O)  What do you think?

Another Update From CanDoBetter (15/7/10 - O)  Everything from population to picket lines! 

CanDoBetter Exposes Scandalous Scanlon Report (30 million by 2050) And Supporters (29/8/09 - O)  It's what is going on without you knowing 

Supreme Court win for Brown Mountain (Grounds For an injunction stopping the Victorian government logging old growth forests), but the East Gippsland group now must find a huge amount of money.  They need help.  (17/9/09 - O)  How just is justice?  

Victorian Government About To Decimate Victorian Forests (29/8/09 - O)  CanDoBetter asks: can you help?  

On-line Petition Calls For A Stop To Repco Rally In Tweed & Kyogle Area National Parks (29/8/09 - O)  Your help needed to convince NSW Premier rally in high sensitivity environmental area isn't a good idea... 

Books...Books...Books... (28/7/08 - O)  Reviews from Candobetter 

CanDoBetter:  Environment, Overloading Australia....  (16/12/08 - O)  Latest from a great website

CandoBetter:  Latest (10/12/08 - O)  Parliamentary Circus and Overpopulation

CandoBetter:  Latest (28/11/08 - O)  Lead Story:  The Battle For Brown Mountain (in East Gippsland)

CanDoBetter Urges "Vote For Democracy In Victoria" (19/11/08 - O)  Another package of hot topics

CanDoBetter:  VCAT Community Forum Highlights Problems, Fixes None (18/10/08 - O)  "VCAT unelected, unaccountable and system has lost all respect from community."

CanDoBetter:  The Global Market Crash And Peak Oil (14/10/08 - O)  Can the October 08 global market crash be linked to oil prices, oil depletion or peak oil?

"Dear John":  CanDoBetter Open Letter To Victorian Premier  (10/8/08 - O)  When too much is just enough: a response to Mr. Brumby's announcement that current immigration settings are OK  

Can Do Better Samples Hansard (19/7/08 - O) Recent comments and extracts from Hansard, Victorian Parliament

We "Can Do Better" - Fascinating Political, Social, Environmental Website (14/4/08 - O) Post your articles or your blogs.  This is an interactive website that encourages people to become active and express their views. Check it out at


Politics:  Federal

Send A Message About Live Exports (19/8/11 - FG)  Animals Australia asks you to send an online message to politicians as the Greens and an independent bring legislation back 

Warning About New Scammers Posing As Federal Government (19/8/11 - P)  You will not be directly contacted about Carbon Tax compensation

Federal Community Cabinet To Be Held In Geelong on 7 December  (19/11/08 - O)   Your opportunity to meet Federal pollies, but get in quick: registration closes 21 November

Macedon Ranges Shire Gets $947,000 From Federal Govt (19/11/08 - FG)  That's two pieces of good news: that we are getting it, and it doesn't look like it can be spent on the Kyneton pool

Federal Government Asks For Local Input On Regional Development - Kyneton 29 July (19/7/08 - E)  Consultations on improving the engagement of regional communities, regional development organisations and local governments with the Australian Government: Information Kit available, submissions to be in by 7 August, 2008.


Politics:  Federal Election 2010

MRRA Asks Federal Lower House Candidates:  What Will You Do To Protect Macedon Ranges?  (13/8/10 - FG)  With the Victorian State government pushing growth into Macedon Ranges, MRRA turns to Federal politicians for help.  Family First and the Greens are the first to respond, with a very positive answers.

Special Federal Election Feature  (8/8/10 - FG)  Who are the candidates in Macedon Ranges Shire?

World Wildlife Fund [WWF] "Living Planet" Magazine Now Available (8/8/10 - E)   WWF reference guide for the Federal election


Politics:  Federal Election 2007

McEwen Goes For a Recount (11/12/07 - O)  More nail-biting as votes are counted again, beginning tomorrow

Results Of Federal Election 2007 (4/12/07 - O)  Vote count at snail's pace in McEwen and for Senate  

PRIME MINISTER CALLS FEDERAL ELECTION:  (15/10/07 - O)  If You Haven't Registered To Vote by 8pm WEDNESDAY, 17 OCTOBER, You Will Miss Out  


Politics: GetUp

GetUp Survey Asks For Views About Accepting Donations  (20/11/10 - O)  Group discloses all donations after being criticized (by a politician) for calling for donations to political parties and politicians to be disclosed

Rally In Support Of Greener Energy November 6, State Library, 1pm (2/11/10 - O)   GetUp asks for your support (and presence) to replace Hazelwood power station with cleaner energy

GetUp Says Go For Fearless Fashion (13/8/10 - O)   Care about carbon pollution and the need for renewable energy?

GetUp Says "Re-Energize Melbourne"  (10/10/09 - O)  Save Solar Systems Rally, Sunday 11th October

GetUp Says:  Your Rights, Your Say (10/12/08 - O)  Support a Human Rights Act to permanently protect human rights in Australia

GetUp Says Sign On For Review Of Anti-Terrorism Laws (19/11/08 - O)  "Demand a new era of national security that protects both Australia and the rights of all Australians"

GetUp Says "Let's Get Down To Business" : Encourage Business To Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem (11/9/08 - O)  Be part of the call for Climate Action Now as big business responds to Garnaut's reduced emissions target of 10% as 'not low enough'

GetUp Climate Torch Relay Is Coming (31/8/08 - O)  And other things you can do to lift awareness of the need for action on climate change now

Get Up: Reconciliation - A Simple Conversation  29 April (22/4/08 - O)  Is this a conversation you can be part of?

GetUp Asks:  How Would You Hand Out The Federal Budget Bickies? (7/4/08 - E)  What would you bankroll:  fossil fuels or climate saving actions?  Play the game today!

GetUp:  What's Your  2020 Vision? (14/4/08 - O)  Make your voice heard at the 2020 Summit

GetUp Says Stand Up For Tibet (26/3/08 - O)  On-line petition to Prime Minister Rudd

"Don't Pulp Our Climate" - GetUp's Online Petition To Professor Garnaut  (4/3/08 - E)  As Tasmania hands forests to Gunns for 20 years, GetUp says the impact must be included in Professor Garnaut's report.

GetUp: "Promise Watch"  (29/10/07 - O)  A promise is a promise is a promise.  Isn't it?

Ask ANZ Not To Finance Gunns' Pulp Mill (14/12/07 - O)  You can send a message today

GetUp:  Vision GetTogether - National People's Agenda For New Parliament (9/12/07 - O)  Community GetTogethers are running next Tuesday 11 December (closest venues in Macedon Ranges: Woodend and Castlemaine)

GetUp says Sign Up For Election Updates (16/10/07 - O)  If you would like to pitch in, you can also sign up to the GetUp "Adopt-A Booth" program

GetUp Calls For Your Support To Tell The Next Parliament To Say One Little Word (15/10/07 - O)  "Sorry"

Help GetUp: "Save Our Senate" (29/10/07 - O)   For the first time in Australian history, three competing parties have come together in one political ad - under the GetUp banner - with an urgent plea to all Australians: Save Our Senate!

GetUp: "Adopt A Booth"  (29/10/07 - O)   One in 10 voters makes up their mind who to vote for when they are at the booth.  GetUp says if it's OK for the big parties to be there, it's OK for GetUp to be there too.  Can you help?

Unsure How To Vote In The Federal Election?  Try Something Completely Different! (20/11/07 - O)  GetUp helps you sort the 'good guys' from the 'bad guys' in your lower house electorate.  Just answer 20 questions and the candidates who best match the values expressed in your answers will be shown.

GetUp "Save Our Senate" Action Plan (10/11/07 - O)  What you can do to help

GetUp Says "Not With My Money"  (11/10/07 - O)  Government spending of our taxes to advertise their party policies must stop now.  You are urged to comment on the Federal Government's relentless expenditure of taxpayer's funds on advertizing

GetUp Reminder To Register To Vote For The Federal Election (7/9/07 - O)  If you're not enrolled when an election is called, you miss out.  Enrol today, or you can check your existing enrolment via the Australian Electoral Commission

You Can Help GetUP Get The Real Climate Change Message Across (26/9/07 - O)  See the GetUp version of the government's "I can do that" ad - donate to put it on telly, if you can.

GetUp Calls For Your Support On Gunn's Pulp Mill (Tasmania) (28/8/07 - O)  Send Federal Minister Malcolm Turnbull a message to not approve the mill

GetUp Says: Show The World What We Are Made Of At APEC (3/9/07 - O)   Sign the petition calling for binding greenhouse targets and a real shift to clean energy.  Over 88,000 have signed up, you can help make it 100,000

GetUp Calls For Support To Withdraw From Iraq (7/8/07 - O)  Malcolm Fraser says the original objectives have been lost and it's time to think about how Australia withdraws

Please Mr Howard:  Louise Barry Asks For Your Help...  (12/7/07 - O)  GetUp campaigner (and terrorism victim) calls for the end of Australia's involvement in the Iraqi war

GetUp - A National Movement For Action NOW On Climate Change (30/9/06 - E) Hey, it's getting hot in here...


Politics:  Newstand

New Group Formed For Quality, Ethical Journalism In Australia (17/8/11 - O)  You can support Newstand, and sign a petition... 



Just Released Book "The Dominant Animal - Human Evolution And The Environment"  (11/12/09 - O)  Looks at our impact on the planet  

Apollo Bay Activist Puts It All In Print:  "The Great Ocean Gulf - The Story Of A Strategic Planning Fiasco" By John Spencer (22/5/10 - C)  Excellent, brilliantly-written and thought-provoking book about the Apollo Bay "Great Ocean Green" proposal that saw Colac-Otway councillors sacked for not supporting the mega-development on the Barham River floodplain, written from a community perspective.  A must read for all activists.

New Book "A Blueprint For A Safer Planet" (30/5/09 - E)  Economist Lord Nicholas Stern (of "Stern Report" fame) goes a step further.

Books...Books...Books...  (28/7/08 - O)  Reviews from Candobetter

UK Conservative Party's "Blueprint for a Green Economy" Shoots Straight, Says It Like It Is (17/9/07 - E)  AT LAST.  Someone's taking a realistic, if not brutal, look at climate change, social upheaval and the bleak future this world has if we don't start thinking - and acting - differently:  "we need to recognise that fossil energy was, in the words of writer Bill Mckibben, a one-time gift that underwrote a one-time binge of growth."  Those times are over...

"Hell To Pay - Cities In The Age Of Default And Revolt" by Brendan Gleeson (24/9/06 - E)   Published in 2004, this paper pulls no punches about what could happen if we don't heed the warning signs More...


Public Interest:  Community Building

Are You Going To Finish Strong? (30/5/09 - O)  The try, try and try again principle, beautifully repackaged 

RMIT Community Advocacy Workshops Coming In September (10/8/08 - O)  Communications Know How, Grant-Seeking Know How, Lobbying Know How and Media Know How are the subjects; workshops start 13 September.

Citizens' Handbook : A Guide To Building Community Website (21/6/07 - CC) Some lessons and helpful hints from Vancouver


Public Interest:  Credit Card Fraud

Tales of Woe - Credit Card Identity Theft (21/6/07 - O)  These warnings have come in from America - could they happen here?  Be aware...


Public Interest:  Crimestoppers

 Can You Spare 8 Minutes To Complete A University Of Melbourne Survey?  (19/6/17 - O)  It's about bushfire arson and Crimestoppers, and researchers are asking for your input.  


Public Interest:  Defamation Protection

Bracks Government Gives Community More Protection From Defamation Action (29/1/06 - O) Changes to law should stop 'McLibel'-type cases


Public Interest:  Local Press

How Well Are We Served By The Local Press In Macedon Ranges? (21/3/05 - O)  Are our local papers doing a good job reporting on what's happening in our area?  Are some better than others?  What (if anything) needs to improve?


Public Interest:  Macedon Ranges Animal Aid

UPDATE  'Macedon Ranges' Animal Aid' Appeal: Clive Gets New Car (21/7/06 - O)   Macedon Ranges' community gave with its heart

Stolen Car:  Support 'Macedon Ranges' Animal Aid' Appeal (9/7/06 - O)   Give with your heart


Public Interest:  Medical

Free Breast Screening In Gisborne Until July 23  (13/7/09 - O)  Mobile screening service - free to women aged 40 - 69 years 

Could You Tell If Someone's Had A Stroke? (11/10/07 - O)   S.T.R. - knowing this could save someone's life

Mens' Health Forum: "Don't Beat Around The Bush" Sponsored By Foundation 49 (13/6/08 - O)  Talkin' about anxiety, depression, stress, loss and grief, retirement and isolation.  Final forum at Gisborne Monday 16 June (7 - 9 pm), Gisborne Football Club.