Archive 3:   MRRA Headlines

 Last Updated 25/4/09




Macedon Ranges Residents Secretariat Ltd.


Age Newspaper Picks Up On Company Running For Council In Macedon Ranges (28/11/08 - C)  "Progress is inevitable" - Fritz Boegel, Director of MRRS and South Ward candidate

MRRS Ltd 'Fair Go Independents' Clock Up Another $10,000 For 3 More Full Page, Full Colour Ads In Local Papers? (19/11/08 - M)  Where's all the money coming from?  Is 'Fair Go' a clue?

MRRS Ltd, East Ward:  Is Morabito The Missing Man? (16/11/08 - C)  Have two MRRS Ltd affiliates slipped under MRRA's radar?

The MRRS Ltd Circus Comes To Town (14/11/08 - C)  Rootin', tootin', in-your-face and OTT? flags, big top, flyers, badges, trailers, posters, signs, caravans, colour-everything and lollies for kiddies. Crikey - seems the only things missing are the fat lady, sword swallower, calliope and clowns!!

Affiliate of MRRS Ltd Not Happy With MRRA (10/11/08 - C)  Says being called a 'member' of MRRS Ltd defames him, will take matter further

The Secretariat Ltd's Long-Awaited Survey (29/9/08 - P)  But the company's results don't tell us anything we didn't already know

The Egg Man Cometh: Macedon Ranges Residents Secretariat Ltd Director With Scientific Research  Interests Turns Out To Be 'The Mt. Macedon Egg Man' (10/8/08 - M)  Les Elliot was proponent of failed 2001 application for 'Research Centre' to keep 220 chickens in a Mt. Macedon conservation zone

Political Donations, Sponsorship And Influence (16/7/08 - SG)  How do we know if our politicians, councillors or decisions have been bought?  The short answer is, we don't.






Review of Association Rules (30/10/09 - M)  Consultation draft for members now available

MRRA Goes 'National'   (10/6/06 - P)  It's getting bigger all the time...