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Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Activist Puts It All In Print:  "The Great Ocean Gulf - The Story Of A Strategic Planning Fiasco" By John Spencer  (22/5/10 - C)  Excellent, brilliantly-written and thought-provoking book about the Apollo Bay "Great Ocean Green" proposal that saw Colac-Otway councillors sacked for not supporting the mega-development on the Barham River floodplain, written from a community perspective.  A must read for all activists.


Associations Incorporation Act

Associations Incorporation Act Changes Need Your Attention (17/10/12 - CC)  Alert To Community Groups: Information sessions being held round Victoria



Bastion Point

Bastion Point Asks For Your Help (19/8/11 - CC)  Decision imminent - can you email politicians and decision-makers?

Saving Bastion Point More Difficult As Minister Hands Out Funding Before Approvals Are In (14/11/10 - CC)   Currying political favour beats proper process - again.

Save Bastion Point - Politician Lobby Kit Now Available (22/5/10 - CC)  Save Bastion Point ask for your support

Bastion Point Environment Effects Statement Released (21/6/09 - CC)  Independent Panel says "no", Minister for Planning Madden says "yes" - as you do!

Update 12 From Save Bastion Point:  Report On Panel Hearings (11/9/08 - CC)  Plus Master Plan of proposal

Save Bastion Point Campaign Asks For Your Support (1/5/08 - E)  Did you know Bastion Point, near Mallacoota, is under threat from a large boat ramp/breakwater proposal?



Blue Wedges

Blue Wedges Report In On Portsea Beach - Or What's Left Of It  (14/11/10 - CC)  Government's claims of 'no damage' dredging horrifyingly disproven by massive damage to beach and pier

Costs Order Against Blue Wedges A Bad Sign For Democracy, Say Greens (16/7/08 - SG)  "The community is not the enemy and the government would do better listening to what people have to say rather than silencing critics."



Bendigo Fast Train Song

'Bendigo Fast Train' Song Recorded (31/7/05 - CC)  CD now available

'Bendigo Fast Train':  Rail Song Completed!  (14/6/05 - CC)  Sing along to the tune of that old standard, 'Chattanooga Choo Choo', with this version submitted by "Sparafuciel".

Another Piece Falls Into Place on The "Rail Song"  (18/5/05)  Following on from the story above, here is another verse sent to us by Cotter Gray of Bendigo (also author of the verse below).

Can You Finish The "Rail Song"? (12/5/05)  A Letter to the Editor in the Midland Express this week caught our eye.  The author is looking for someone to improve on what he's done so far.


Community Lament

A Sign Of The Depressing Times And Places We Live In (2/4/09 - CC)  What happened to the Melbourne we knew and loved?

Dealing With A State Government That Doesn't Seem To Understand Or Care (24/2/08 - SG)  A community activist's response to the Upper House Public Land Inquiry's report, and other observations


Environment East Gippsland

Environment East Gippsland:  Forest Update 7 October, 2011 (7/10/11 - CC)  Latest news from Gippsland...

Environment East Gippsland Update (11/7/11 - CC)  Things to know and do...

Message From Environment East Gippsland:  Gunns (23/10/10 - CC)  Gunns stop logging Tasmanian forests: why can't it stop in Victoria


Friends of Bass Valley Bush

"Strzelecki Stomp" July 27 To Save The Forest Cores And Links (16/7/08 - P)  Come and see what is planned for this special area - the 'deal' between Hancock Victorian Plantations and the Victorian Government where the community was excluded from the final negotiations.


Friends of Bonbeach-Chelsea Foreshore

Friends Of Bonbeach & Chelsea Foreshore Revegetation Day (11/7/11 - CC)  'Troops' invited to help - all welcome


Friends of Daly Nature Reserve

Daly Nature Reserve (28/5/14 - C)   Environmental Management Plan and associated Documents  

UPDATE   Friends of Daly Nature Reserve Haven't Gone Away (23/9/14 - C)  Message from Friends of DNR: events, celebrations, corrections   



Getting Riddell Right

Supermarket File 


Getting Riddell Right [GRR]:  Not-To-Be-Missed Arts Fundraiser At Dromkeen Homestead, November 15, 4.00pm  (10/11/14 - CC)   GRR prepares for VCAT case against supermarket - your support warmly welcomed  

From Getting Riddell Right "Trivia Night" 5 July (13/7/14 - CC) Splendid results but that's no surprise from GRR  

Getting Riddell Right "Trivia Night" Fundraiser For VCAT Supermarket  Case (2/7/14 - CC)  Saturday July 5, Riddells Creek Hotel : IF YOU CARE, BE THERE!  

Amendment C84: Getting Riddell Right Calls For Community Help To Have Minister For Planning Intervene  (25/6/14 - P) Council refusal to act on C84 Panel recommendation deletes critical policy and undermines community VCAT case against supermarket proposal 

Getting Riddell Right Gets VCAT Determination Overturned By Supreme Court  (22/5/14 - P)   The GRR mob were definitely the 'mouse that roared'  

Getting Riddell Right Website Now Up And Running  (21/5/13 -RA-CC)   GRR kicks off fund-raising for VCAT supermarket case with "Supper and Songs" dinner on 29 June

Riddells Creek Supermarket:  'Getting Riddell Right' Becomes Getting Riddell Right Inc - Now An Incorporated Association (23/4/13-RA-P)  Great stuff - community spirit everywhere and fundraising is underway as the vast Riddells Creek supermarket/shops development goes to VCAT

How, And  Why, Was The Riddells Creek Supermarket Rescission Motion Refused? (23/4/13-RA-P)  Is Council picking and choosing process to favour some over others?  Is there even a "process" for rescission motions in Macedon Ranges anymore?



Green Wedges / Taxed Out / Protectors of Public Land / Planning Backlash

Protest Rally, Parliament House Steps, Tuesday 24 November, 12.30pm (19/11/09 - P) Expansion of Melbourne's Urban Growth Boundary, destruction of Green Wedges and GAIC tax



Kilmore Group

Wallan Kilmore Bypass: YouTube Message About State Government's (Dismal) Performance  (14/11/10 - SG)  ♫ "Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies"



Living With The Bush

A New Community Voice2:  Living With The Bush (and Bushfire) (17/9/09 - CC)  A site where you can show you support sensible solutions to bushfire safety - sign up if you think there's more to it than just clearing vegetation



Macedon Ranges' Landscape Guardians

Macedon Ranges Landscape Guardians Call For Expanded  Wildfire Overlays Around Wind Turbines (15/5/06 - E)  Latest MRLG Newsletter asks for your support

Landscape Guardians (17/6/05 - CCE)   National Conference and Parliament House Rally

Macedon Ranges' Landscape Guardians Newsletter, June 2005  See Newsletter



Monash Liveability Coalition

Monash Liveability Coalition Forum, 7 April At Notting Hill (26/3/08 - CC)  "Public Transport and Public Traffic", Guest Speakers: Kevin O'Connor &  Elliott Fishman


Mornington Peninsula Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc.

They Are Madder Than Hell In Mornington Peninsula - About Rates  (17/8/11 - CC)  Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers and Residents' Association Inc says its Council is the "worst financial performing council in Victoria in 2011-12"

Port Phillip Bay Foreshore Land Grab  (18/9/09 - P) Call for your help from Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers' and Residents' Association Inc



Our Parks Not For Sale, Brimbank

Good News from "Our Parks Not for Sale" Coalition, Brimbank (17/8/11 - CC)  It's a victory for "People Power"



Port Campbell Community Group Inc

Port Campbell - Another Cliff Falls Down (21/6/09 - CC)  And still someone thinks the headland is the place for a guesthouse

Port Campbell Community Group Inc. Asks "Please, Please  Help" (30/5/09 - CC)  Can the Port Campbell headland be saved?

Port Campbell: Southern Ocean Beach House On Headland In Trouble As Corangamite Council Refuses Time Extension For Controversial Permit (28/3/08 - P)  Council decides not enough had been done in the 2 years since the permit was approved, and the proposal did not meet new planning scheme requirements.



Protectors Of Public Lands

"The Great Essendon Planning Debate" (23/10/10 - CC)  As Planning Minister Madden tries to claim the seat of Essendon, there's a few people who want some answers.  This isn't just about Essendon, it's about planning in Victoria.  November 6; 2 - 4pm; Ukrainian Hall, Essendon.  BE THERE!

Protectors Of Public Lands Call Meeting On Over-Development (22/5/10 - C)  Saturday 17 April, 2pm

Protectors Of Public Lands Victoria Inc Revs Up On Over-Population (19/11/09 - P)  Check out the 14 point plan by Kelvin Thomson (MHR for Wills) to stabilize Australia's population at 26 million - Kelvin is also speaking at Sustainable Population Australia's meeting on November 29 - all welcome

Protectors Of Public Lands Ask For Help (12/3/09 - CC)  Queensland survey



Ratepayers' Victoria Inc

Ratepayers' Victoria Inc Petition:  Don't Change The Planning And Environment Act (20/11/10 - CC)  RV says changes that give developers and their consultants the right to rezone and run an amendment process is privatizing planning in Victoria

Ratepayers' Victoria Inc Backs Rates' Increase Rage, Says "Angry Ratepayers Across Victoria Unite" And Wants To Know Your Concerns  (13/8/10 - C)  Boycott on paying rates for staff superannuation being investigated.



Royal Park Protection Group Inc.

Royal Park Protection Group Inc AGM 11 November  (30/10/09 - CC) Guest speaker is Kelvin Thomson MHR - the (only?) Federal pollie speaking out against rampant population growth




Rye (Our Town Rye)

"Rye's Up" Aims To Plant 1500 Trees 11 October - Can You Help? (10/10/09 - CC)  Rye's Up - the group fighting plans to put MacDonald's in Rye.

Another Piece Of 'Progress' Coming To A Country Town (16/5/09 - CC)  McDonald's wants to give Rye a Big Mac.



Save Dimmeys

Support Needed To Save Dimmeys In Richmond (23/12/09 - P)  Residents say "NO" to partial demolition and 11 storey tower - help by signing online petition



Save Our Reserves South Gippsland

Call For Support From South Gippsland To Help "Save Our Reserves" (26/3/08 - CC)  As South Gippsland Shire looks set to flog off reserves, residents have decided to fight back



Save Our Suburbs (Vic)

Check Out The New Save Our Suburbs [SOS] Website! (11/12/07 - CC)  Looks great, speaks volumes.  Crackerjack makeover - well done Ian.



Save Williamstown

Save Williamstown Meeting and Workshop (22/5/10 - C)  Saturday 10 April, 1pm



Settle Woodend

'Settle Woodend' Group Holds Community Meeting On Woodend Structure Plan And Amendment C84 (23/4/13-RA-P)  Discussions about these documents and making submissions on them:  Monday 29 April



Southern Victoria Community Action Group

Southern Victoria Community Action Group Inc: Inaugural AGM (11/3/08 - CC)  All welcome - Guest Speaker is Jenny Warfe, President, Blue Wedge Coalition


Sunshine Residents and Ratepayers Association [SunRRA]

Sunshine Residents' and Ratepayers' Association [SunRRA] (11/7/11 - CC)  June Newsletter

June Edition Of Sunshine Residents and Ratepayers Association's Newsletter (29/6/10 - CC)  SunRRA never fails to catch your attention - this month, they call for a judicial probe into branch stacking

April & May Editions Of Sunshine Residents' And Ratepayers' Association Newsletter (22/5/10 - CC)  Go SunRRA - let 'er rip

Sunshine RRA Does It Again With Another Brilliant Newsletter  (23/12/09 - CC)  Some (beautifully) blunt comments on planning, democratic process 

Sunshine Residents & Ratepayers Association: November Newsletter (19/11/09 - CC)  Excellent newsletter: don't hold back guys, say it how it really is!

Say Hello To Sunshine Residents' and Ratepayers' Association (21/6/09 - CC)  SunRRA is the residents' group surrounded by Brimbank Council that helped blow the whistle on the latest expose of corruption in local government.



Sustainable Population Australia (SPA)

December Edition Of Sustainable Population Australia's Newsletter (#89) (11/12/09 - P)  Bob Carr, record births, record annual population growth, new cities...

SPA (Sustainable Population Australia) On Andrew Bolt (14/10/08 - E)  "People who normally disapprove of Andrew Bolt, the often vitriolic right-wing columnist in Australia's Herald Sun, were today (8/10/08) at a loss with unfamiliar feelings of agreement"

Sustainable Population Australia [SPA] (Victoria) AGM  10 May  (26/3/08 - E) Guest Speaker:  DR KATHARINE BETTS:  "How Fast Are We Growing"

Take Action: On-line Population Forum - Have Your Say (12/7/07 - E)  Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) would like to hear from you, hear what you think on population issues



They Say

A New Community Voice1: They Say... (17/9/09 - CC)  Forging strength and purpose to promote compassion and save communities



Unchain St Kilda

"The Triangle Wars" Comes To Theatres (7/10/11 - CC)  The story of Unchain St Kilda's battle to save the St Kilda Triangle

UnChain St. Kilda Celebrates Democracy In Port Phillip With A Get-Together (19/11/09 - CC)  A year on from the 2008 Council Elections, there's a party on 22 November



Victorian Coastal Alliance (link to Spotlight)

Victorian Coastal Alliance [VCA] (7/9/07 - CCG)  An alliance of community groups formed to protect Victoria's coastline



Watershed  (formerly Your Water, Your Say)

Call For Royal Commission Into The Disaster That Is Wonthaggi Desal Plant (17/8/11 - CC)  Community people want independent scrutiny of - and answers about - how it happened

You Are Invited To A Whale Watch!  (15/7/10 - E)  Bass Coast Whale Watch is on 25 July at Williamsons Beach - help record sightings to get these magnificent creatures recognized

Rally Against The Desal Plant  (24/4/09 - CC)  May 9th, Wonthaggi

Your Water Your Say Tells Desal Panel It Can't Participate With Threat Of Costs Hanging Over Its Head (14/10/08 - CC)  State and Federal governments won't make their position clear

Your Water Your Say Action Group Move Protest To "Safe" Distance, But Refuse To Go Away (19/7/08 - E) YWYS will continue to protest the building of the largest desalination plant in Australia

Desal Plant:  State Government Attempts To Evict Residents From Public Land (16/7/08 - E)  Read why

Your Water Your Say Action Group Launch The "Dumby" Award (19/7/08 - E)   What can we say... except hats off to YWYS

Are You Ready To 'Stand In The Sand'?  Be At Powlett River On October 7 (6/9/07 - E)  South Gippsland and Bass Coast residents call for support to oppose approval of a desalination plant without accountable consultation processes

Your Water, Your Say : First Newsletter (17/9/07 - CCG)  Addresses processes (or lack of them) surrounding the proposed desalination plant on the Bass Coast