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Together, we can achieve positive changeÖ


Become a Volunteer


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Volunteer your time:


We sometimes need people to help out with things like sealing envelopes, getting information into different towns, handing out flyers or putting up signs.† We know everyoneís time is valuable so we donít ask for a lot.† Knowing you might be able to help out once in a while (at your convenience) will help us keep things moving.


Volunteer your knowledge:


Do you have professional knowledge or special skills?†† Do you think you could help us out sometimes if we need a little guidance or information on things like, say, legal, local government, environment, public relations, graphics, computer or heritage issues?†† It might be nothing more than confirming what we already know but having someone to turn to can save us precious time and energy.


Tell Us We Have Your Support


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Let us know we have your support.† This is particularly important for our Say NO To Suburbia campaign because there are people out there who think you donít care what happens here.†† If we know how to contact you, weíll also be able to send you an alert about when you can contribute by perhaps writing a letter or attending a meeting.


Make a Donation


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Money may not be everything, but it certainly helps MRRA do more.  We arenít here to make a profit.  The Association is self-funded by membership fees and donations and uses that money for things like our web site, printing and distributing information or even producing bumper stickers and hiring halls.  Everything we receive goes into the kitty so we can do what needs to be done, and more of it.  Any amount you may choose to donate will be very much appreciated.


Cheques can be made payable to Macedon Ranges Residentsí Association Inc, and posted to P.O. Box 183, Gisborne,  3437.† Your donation will be acknowledged and a receipt issued.