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Labor's Tree Pruning Rules For Melbourne = Stump City

(2/11/10 - P)  State government's latest not-thought-out folly brings Melbourne's trees to their knees - literally!  It's vandalism.

If ever anyone wanted to start a near-riot, hacking the hearts out of Melbourne's world-famous street trees (remember 'the leafy suburbs'?) will do it every time.   Across the city, howls of protest are growing every day.  Here's an example of what the trees look like after being 'trimmed' (this one is in Flemington):



Ratepayers' Victoria Inc has said:  "Melbourne's famous tree-lined streets could be stripped, and ratepayers lumped with bills worth tens of millions of dollars, under tough new pruning regulations.  The State Government has refined rules designed to cut fire hazards across Victoria, enforcing no-go zones around powerlines. But urban councils warn the "one-size-fits-all" policy will transform Melbourne's leafy streets into eyesores - and cause rates to soar.  Councils have begun setting aside millions of dollars to comply with the stricter laws, which set minimum "clearance space" around cables. It ranges from 30cm to 3.5m, depending on the type of powerline. Serious breaches of the previously flexible guidelines will attract fines of up to $30,000.

Banyule Council deputy mayor Jenny Mulholland, whose municipality includes Ivanhoe and Eaglemont, said many of Melbourne's leafy streetscapes would be reduced to rows of tree stumps."


Here are some of the other comments coming across MRRA's desk:


'The changed regulations state that the clearance from a power line must be 2 metres, not 1 metre, and no structural branches can be left. At Yarra, we estimate that our trees will be lopped as in the picture here. There is no record of any fire caused by trees touching powerlines in Yarra either.  ...Many councils have asked for an exemption, but are told there are no exemptions.'


'I think the first trees to be cut down/'trimmed' should be in front of the MPs houses, in their streets. Give them a taste of the outrage they will get from their own neighbours.'


'If the worst comes to the worst, get onto the street and picket the trees.  Tie yourselves to them, call the media - just stop the vandalism.'



Here are the culprits:

You are urged to send them a message (several, if you feel like it)!


Brumby (Premier)  9651 6255


Batchelor (Minister for Energy & Resources/Community Development)  9658 4660