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Moves Afoot To Take Property Valuations Away From Councils And Hand Them Over To The State Govt

(21/2/09 - SG) Finding information about it all isn't easy 

We finally found some information on this, primarily that the time for submissions closed on February 16.  Here's the link to the discussion paper$File/Rating+Authority+Valuations+Discussion+Paper+Nov+2008.pdf


If you would like a copy of the discussion paper and this link doesn't work, or the document is removed, MRRA can email you a copy on request (n.b. it's a 400mb+ pdf file).


You can also get not much more information by going to the Department of Sustainability and Environment website at where there is also a link to Frequently Asked Questions. 


MRRA Says:


We admit that this is one that got under our radar.


A brief look at the discussion paper shows lots of bubbly arguments being put forward (by the State government) in favour of the State government taking over valuing your property.  Key benefits we are told relate to alleged cost cutting through reduced administrative costs (although Council will have to pay to get the valuation data upon which it bases its rates), and higher quality information.  As always.


However, one of the other touted benefits of the takeover is easier sharing of valuation data in response to a "growing demand by users to access valuation data for business and policy development reasons."  And for MRRA, that's where the hackles start to rise.  At the moment, access to data about your property is restricted.  In Macedon Ranges' case, that information is the property of Council.  What's coming to us is a vision of the State government making it easier for developers and others with their own interests in mind to more easily access information that is currently difficult to get.  Our concerns also extend to the usual habit of governments of relegating the issues and needs of rural areas to the rubbish bin when systems are streamlined at State level - look no further than planning for a prime example of that!


It will be worthwhile keeping an eye on this one. Don't know about you, but we well remember the fiasco of the last State-level change in valuations.  Overall, our antenna is up. You might want to spend some time checking it out, and even though the time for submissions has closed you might still want to follow it up with DSE and/or take a look at some of the submissions (if they are publicly available) to better inform yourself.  You can always ask your local State member about it as well.



Proposed Changes to the Valuation of Land Act

(21/3/05 - SG) How do you feel about paying a fee to challenge the valuation of your property?

Property rates and valuations are a popular topic and MRRA regularly receives ratepayer comments and feedback.   Residents may want to keep an eye on changes the State government is proposing to the Valuation of Land Act (1960).   A paper on proposed amendments was issued in January 2005 and comments closed on 9 February 2005.   Amending legislation will now be prepared for parliament to consider in mid-2005.   One of the changes that caught MRRA’s attention is introduction of a fee residents will have to pay to object to land valuations (you get it back if you are successful in reducing your valuation!).    More information about proposed changes to the Act can be accessed at    Tell them (and MRRA) what you think.