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Development Assessment Committee [DACs] Debate Deferred Until 13 October

(18/9/09  - P)  Get your emails and messages to Upper House opposition members today - this legislation just can't go through!  Also, Joanne Duncan's "bizarre" comments on population growth.


See earlier MRRA story


Yesterday, debate on the Development Assessment Committee Bill was deferred until 13 October.  This means there is time for the people of Victoria to make it clear to our Upper House opposition lawmakers that the DACs Bill, with its dire implications for democracy, is not something the people want to see supported.  See our earlier story - Greens and DLP will not support DACs.


Below are three 'hot off the press' items from CanDoBetter about the DACs legislation and related issues.  One item of great interest (Item 3) to Macedon Ranges' residents is a report on Macedon MP Joanne Duncan's "bizarre" comments on population growth.  Click here for a fuller report on Joanne's comments.


1 DACs 2: Intro to Highlights: 16-17 October reading of Planning Amendment 2 in Victorian Parliament

The Planning Amendment Bill 2 (DACs) was read yesterday in the lower house and today in the upper house (Victoria, Australia) but has not yet been debated and will come back on the 13th October. Victorians are urged to put pressure on Opposition MPs to not cave in on this and to OPPOSE it. Please start emailing them all and telling them what you think. And put October 13 in your diary to be in Parliament for the debate and voting.




See also DACs 3: Highlights: Macedon Member Duncan makes bizarre statements about population growth in Victoria and DACs 2 Highlights: "The Bill is a very blunt instrument" (Mr Morris, Mornington, Victoria)



2 DACs 2 Highlights: "The Bill is a very blunt instrument" (Mr Morris, Mornington, Victoria)

"This bill is a very blunt instrument. This is not calling in one application and this is not calling in two applications; this is calling in the whole planning process. It is taking the entire planning process away from local government and the local community."







3 DACs 2: Highlights: Macedon Member Duncan makes bizarre statements about population growth in Victoria

Labor Government member, Ms Joanne Duncan, described Melbourne as having to choose between sprawl or unpopular high density housing. Then she said, "Another option is to somehow put a moratorium on any population increase and have all manner of totalitarian measures to reach that end. All of those are completely unacceptable, so we will continue to have population growth." In fact population growth would slow down of its own accord, with no coercion, if the government simply stopped forcing up the immigration rate and giving out baby bonuses. Democracy is decreasing with population increase, yet Ms Duncan pretends that to allow the population to grow or stabilise or shrink at its natural pace would somehow require totalitarianism. What's the story here?  






Local Macedon Labor MP Joanne Duncan In Woodend 19th and 23rd September

(149/06 - SG)  Joanne says join her and 'Conrad' (the caravan) at Buffalo Stadium, Forest Street, Woodend  10am - Noon

Residents might like to go along and ask Joanne why the State government hasn't given Macedon Ranges the State level planning protection it needs to stop high-density suburban development in our towns, and houses all over our water catchments.


To contact Joanne:

Phone:  5428 2138

Fax:      5428 2919



Meet Joanne Duncan:  Invitation to Woodend Area Residents March 27th

(18/3/06 - SG)  State member for Macedon invites you to join her

Local State member of parliament, Joanne Duncan, will be at the Buffalo Stadium Car Park on March 27th, from 10.00am until 12 noon and is inviting people who have any concerns - or ideas - they may wish to raise to call in.  For further information, call Joanne's office on 5428 2138 or email:



Tell Local MP Joanne Duncan How You Feel About Planning, The Environment And Other Issues

(3/7/05 – SG) On-Line Survey

You can tell local Member for Macedon, Labor MP Joanne Duncan which issue you think is the most important, and send Joanne a message, by visiting her website at    Issues include education, health, roads, public transport, community safety, aged care, utility prices, environment, planning, employment and youth services.  Labor MP and member for Ballarat East, Geoff Howard (Kyneton and Malmsbury areas) doesn’t have a similar set-up, so well done to Joanne.