Macedon Ranges Residents' Association Inc





In accordance with Section 5 (b) of the Act, the purposes for which the Association is established are:


  1. To provide a non-sectarian and non-party-political forum through which financial Association members, through the Association's elected Committee of Management, may represent and promote the broad community interests and values of Macedon Ranges Shire residents. 

  2. To provide representation for the interests of Macedon Ranges Shire's residents in matters concerning the performance and service delivery standards of local, regional, state and federal governments and other bodies.

  3. To ensure high standards of services and financial management are provided, responsible and accountable governance is delivered, and accessibility to governmental processes is maintained for all Shire residents. 

  4. To promote consistent application of the principles of equity, natural justice, accountability, good governance and sound management in decision-making.

  5. To uphold the right of the Macedon Ranges Shire's community to be consulted and to participate in all components of governance.

  6. To ensure the high quality of the Shire's environment is conserved and enhanced through the:

i.                     Protection of environmental features and significance, and protection of natural, historic and scientific resources.

ii.                   Preservation of community and cultural values.

iii.                 Protection of rural land, landscapes and lifestyle values.

iv.                Fostering of sustainable economic development and population growth.

  1. To form and express views on economic, environmental and social issues, policies, decisions and the like, in particular those which have the potential to adversely impact the wider community interests or to diminish or detrimentally alter the environmental values of Macedon Ranges Shire.

  2. To support governmental and other bodies' consistent compliance with legislative and strategic requirements.

  3. To monitor and review standards of governance, administration, community consultation and the application of democratic principles and natural justice within the Shire.