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MRRA Appearance Before Parliamentary Committee - OSISDC Report Now Out

(24/9/06 - SP) Findings paint a chilling picture of detrimental social effects on communities from too much/too fast growth

In September last year, MRRA made a presentation before a Parliamentary Committee (Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee).  We told the Committee about what people in Macedon Ranges in particular value, and how what's happening with "no-planning" and rapid growth (not enough of the first, too much of the second) is harming community structures and values.  Some extracts from MRRA's presentation are included in the Report (pages 93 and 251), as are some from Macedon Ranges Shire Council.


Click to follow a link to the Report on the Victorian parliament website.


Click here to see MRRA's presentation.



MRRA’s Comments Spark Surprise Debate In State Parliament

(8/10/05 – SP) MRRA are ‘bush planners’ and ‘wrong’ says local MP Joanne Duncan

MRRA is surprised it was the topic of lively debate last Wednesday in State parliament.   According to draft Hansard for 5/10/05, Shadow Minister for Planning Ted Baillieu quoted from MRRA’s presentation to the Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee in telling the State government that “People feel absolutely powerless” (e.g. when confronted by development proposals).  That reference to MRRA, and his own comment that “The failure of the government and the local member to fulfil their promises in the Macedon Ranges has been a joke” seem to have galvanized local Macedon MP Joanne Duncan into action, criticizing MRRA as ‘bush planners’ and ‘wrong’, but… she didn’t/wouldn’t say we are wrong about planning.  Click here to see relevant Hansard extracts.   Click here to see MRRA’s presentation to the OSISD Committee last Friday.


MRRA Says:

In response to the draft Hansard extracts, we’re honoured to learn that both Joanne Duncan and Ted Baillieu claim to have read all of our website, which has registered more than 12,500 hits since it started in March.  But we are a bit concerned at claims we say on this website that the Minister for Planning was abusive to us when we met him in April.  A quick search didn’t find such a statement but we are willing to stand corrected if someone else can find it.  What we did say about our meeting with Mr. Hulls (see MRRA Press Release) was that we left “feeling battered and angry” after ”hectoring and lecturing” by Department of Sustainability and Environment representatives.  Not quite the same thing.


We’d also like to make the point that yes, MRRA supports introduction of the new State rural zones in Macedon Ranges, because they are better than the ones we’ve got now (not that we think they are the best zones for Macedon Ranges).  What bothers us is the length of time it’s taking Mr. Hulls to implement the translation - after all he did offer to do the translation, and Council accepted that offer, in March 2005.   The Bracks government also promised in 1998 to protect Macedon Ranges as a State-significant, environmentally sensitive area.  MRRA went to the State government 18 months ago asking for urgent help to get a strategy, changes to State planning controls and a planning scheme that would deliver the government’s promise and protect Macedon Ranges Shire’s State-significant resources and features.  As with the translation, we are still waiting.


Towards the end of her speech, Joanne Duncan said “Let us not forget that people are judged by what they do, not by what they say.”  MRRA couldn’t agree more but would add… and by what they don’t do.


MRRA Presentation to Parliamentary Inquiry on 30th September Now Available

(5/10/05 – P) Impacts of urban change:  Macedon Ranges is a community in crisis, “people feel absolutely powerless…”

MRRA last Friday made a 10 minute presentation to the Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee.  The Association put forward its experiences on what suburban development is doing to us as Macedon Ranges groans and falters under pressure for metro-style growth.  A key Association concern, relative to the inquiry, is the shattering social impact this is having on our community as we struggle to cope without the planning controls and scheme we need.   Click here to see what we said.  Click here for MRRA’s purposes (which were submitted to the inquiry).


MRRA Says:

We would dearly love to hear what you think: tell us by sending an email on


MRRA Invited To Speak at Parliamentary Inquiry

(28/9/05 – SP) The subject is “Building New Communities”  and Social Sustainability

MRRA has been invited to put its views to the Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee (OSISDC) hearing on Friday 30th September.   Click here to see the Terms of Reference for the hearing. We’ll tell what happens.