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Last Updated 18/7/05



Community Action Required 

Challenge To Macedon Ranges’ Residents

(18/7/05 – SP) Name ‘good’ development in Macedon Ranges Shire in the past 5 - 10 years


Here’s the challenge:  MRRA has been asked to identify development in Macedon Ranges Shire it considers ‘good’ i.e. that MRRA would endorse.  We’ve had problems coming up with more than a handful of examples.  How about you?


We aren’t looking for ‘good ideas’ or ‘nice locations’, criteria commonly used by some of our Councillors to justify approval of development proposals.  MRRA is instead talking about sound planning decisions and outcomes.


We’ve defined “good” development as the right thing in the right place, done the ‘right’ way (i.e. sympathetic to what’s around it and what most people value).   The development should also work the way it was intended (e.g.  the new supermarket in Kyneton: now construction is about to start, someone’s realized it won’t work unless it impinges on the Welsh Street residential area which it wasn’t supposed to do when it was approved).


Help us out by telling us what you think, and if you like, why, by email or write to MRRA, PO Box 359, Woodend, 3442.