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Nationals Ask "Could You Find A Better Use For Bracks Gvt's Advertising Budget?"

(10/3/06 - SP)  MRRA says, we definitely know what we would spend some of it on!  How about you?

In a recent letter to local newspapers, Victorian Nationals leader, Peter Ryan, claimed the Bracks government is spending $400,000 of taxpayers' money per day on publicity campaigns.  He challenges readers that, by the time they've read his letter, they will have come up with at least 3 worthy causes in local communities on which this money could be spent.


You can send your 'wish list' to the Nationals by writing to Peter Ryan, c/o Parliament House, Melbourne, 3002 or by sending an email message to "Send Bracks A Message":


MRRA Says:


We don't know if the $400,000 per day figure is correct, but even half that amount adds up to a substantial sum.  While governments should promote awareness of community services, and make sure people are aware of changes or issues that are in the public interest, we've noticed the 'pat the Bracks government on the back' ads now appearing and wonder how they relate to anything other than putting a good light on the government leading up to the State election in November.


Two years ago when MRRA went to see Planning Minister Mary Delahunty, we estimated government funding of around $1 million would go a long way towards sorting out the planning mess in Macedon Ranges.  While the Bracks government has injected over $13 million into protecting coastal areas, to date only some $95,000 has come our way to help Macedon Ranges (which says a lot about how much the government cares about Macedon Ranges).


MRRA knows there are a lot of 'good works' out there that are wilting from lack of government support and funding, so we won't be greedy but we think about $1 - 2 million could be directed to delivering the State level planning protection the Bracks government promised Macedon Ranges 8 years ago.  We've waited so long...


MRRA Discussing State Planning Protection Issues With Victorian National Party

(18/5/05 - SP) Requests Information About Macedon Ranges

After discussions with the Victorian National party, MRRA will be providing information about the critical situation in Macedon Ranges and asking for National party support for State level planning protection to be provided.